[DVD] Urban Rebounding For Kids - Only sold w/Rebounder

[DVD] Urban Rebounding For Kids - Only sold w/Rebounder


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Urban Rebounding - For Kids Video

JB Berns leads your pre-teen and teenagers through his popular workout system. There are 4 workouts of increasing intensity and skill demands. Various - 40 Minutes.

Do your kids hate to exercise? Not anymore! They'll love bouncing and burning the fat away on the rebounder as much as they enjoy jumping up and down on a bed. This is the first exercise program they will actually look forward to!

First Timers - are taught how to set up a rebounder and are given helpful hints before they begin to rebound They are also introduced to 3 basic movements.

Basic Workout - A 20 minute workout in which the kids are taught 4 movements and the use of 45 degree turns.

Intermediate Workout - A 20 minute workout using 5 movements and 90 degree turns.

Advanced Workout - 20 minutes with 6 movements and full directional changes.
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