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[DVD] Living Cuisine for Weight Loss, by Philip McCluskey

[DVD] Living Cuisine for Weight Loss, by Philip McCluskey


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Learn How to Incorporate Raw Food and Living Cuisine to Aid you in Permanent Weight Loss!

Thousands have been inspired by Philip to improve their lives already, now this information is available to you on DVD to a packed house. Philip McCluskey discovered and now shares the secret to overcoming obesity through vibrant eating and living cuisine! This event was filmed live at the 105degrees Raw Food Academy in Oklahoma City. Philip shares his motivating story at their grand opening event.

Through his entire life Philip had tried everything to reverse his morbid obesity, unsuccessfully attempting over 30 diets, and ALMOST going through with gastric bypass surgery. That was until he found the SECRET.

Find out how Philip became half the size he used to be (and twice the man!), dropping over 215lbs, and KEEPING it off. If you are ready to become the happy, overjoyed and glowing person that's waiting inside, you need to watch this! You're WORTH IT.

(This event was filmed live at 105degrees Academy)

Philip McCluskey is a raw food expert who motivates hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to become healthier, happier, and fitter by trading in their standard diet for a raw food lifestyle. Philip's journey began in 2006, when, at a morbidly obese 400 pounds, he discovered raw food and shed 215 pounds, gaining vibrant health, energy, and a renewed passion for living.

His story has inspired countless others who have seen him on CBS's The Doctors, have heard him speak at events like the Raw Spirit Festival, or have followed his journey on YouTube and on his website. He is also the author of two published books, including Raw Food, Fast Food.
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