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[DVD] Rawman & Green Girl, 2 Episodes (Interview w/Matt Monarch)

[DVD] Rawman & Green Girl, 2 Episodes (Interview w/Matt Monarch)


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Rawman & Green-Girl Meet FRANKENFOOD


This DVD includes the first Rawman & Green-Girl adventure "Beware the Beekeeper", "Rawman & Green-Girl Meet FRANKEFOOD", and an interview with animator/creator Ron Gilmore by Matt Monarch of The Raw Food World TV show.

Rawman & Green-Girl have fought for years to protect our planet from man-made environmental dangers. This time they'll come up against something that could be the most destructive and virulent threat the world has ever faced.

Big Pharma Seed Inc. has developed a genetically modified super-fruit that is said to be the answer to all our agricultural woes, but there is an unknown and dangerous side-effect. When the CEO of the company eats this unstable fruit, he wreaks havoc throughout the city when he is transformed into the Genetically Modified Monster FRANKENFOOD!
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