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[DVD] Solar Power 4 Me, by Markus Rothkranz

[DVD] Solar Power 4 Me, by Markus Rothkranz


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I got tired of outrageously high electric bills, so I went solar- I get most of my power from the sun now. This technology is so amazing. I only have ten 100 w panels on my roof and I create enough electricity to run almost everything. If I need extra, I always still have the grid. What tickles me about solar power is it makes no sound at all and has no moving parts- just a couple of beautiful shiny panels on the roof that plug into some batteries. Come inside and look around the house!

Solar power is easy to hook up with a minimum of instructions if you have a basic knowledge of electricity. Everything in this site I did by myself. It's like a fun science project. The only hard part is pulling out the credit cards to buy everything, but once it's hooked up, you just forget about it and the sun does the rest. Every few months you should sponge off the panels but that's about it.

Rooms in the solar powered artist home of Markus Rothkranz, whose house is primarily powered by 12 DC which is inverted to 120 v where needed.
My solar powered pool lighting
the solar powered office
My solar powered dining room
Check out what a solar powered home can be like!

You've heard about people being "off grid"- what does that mean? It means they don't need the power company anymore because they make their own electricity. But you don't have to be that radical. Simply hook up an intertie inverter and backfeed your homemade power to the utility company.Many electric companies actually pay people for power. If you make more electric power than you need, you can sell it back to the electric company. Solar power is easy to hook up and operate. Say goodbye to the oil industry. Say hello to a sunny new way of living- pollution free and world friendly.

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