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[DVD] Supercharge Me: 30 Days of Raw

[DVD] Supercharge Me: 30 Days of Raw


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Supercharge Me: 30 Days of Raw, by Jenna Norwood

Ever wonder what the opposite of the film Super Size Me would be like? With a tip of the headdress to Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me, Jenna Norwood takes us on her journey to see what happens when she enrolls in a raw food detox center and consumes only organic, raw, enzyme-rich foods for 30 days. It's all in an effort to fit into a Las Vegas showgirl costume for Halloween, but the experience has some surprising results. Meet experts (David Wolfe), celebrities (Ben Vereen & Kathy Sledge) and others seeking to resolve serious health issues on a raw food diet. Takes the mystery out of colon hydrotherapy, too. An entertaining, educational and inspiring documentary. A detoxifying experience! Unofficial PG rating, according to MPAA guidelines.

Get your very own copy of the highly-acclaimed, award-winning DVD to see what happens when Jenna goes raw for 30 days. Viewers call the film entertaining, educational and inspiring. Consider ordering a second copy to send to someone you love.
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