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[DVD] Water Wars

[DVD] Water Wars


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Director Jim Burroughs ponders the prospect of a global war over water in this documentary focusing on the ways the national of Bangladesh has dealt with the duel threats of dwindling water supplies and rising sea levels. The deeper Bangladeshis drill for wells, the greater the risk of the locals suffering from arsenic poisoning. Now, thanks to global warming, the problem is spreading. In addition to exploring water-related problems in Bangladesh, Burroughs and company also travel to Holland in order to see how ultra-modern levees and canals are ensuring the nation will be better equipped to deal with the coming water crisis.

According to a recent World Bank study, the demand for water will exceed supply by 40 percent within twenty years. In Water Wars: When Drought, Flood and Greed Collide, filmmaker Jim Burroughs presents a well-researched overview of recent and ongoing conditions of flooding, drought, and other water-related disasters in diverse locations in Bangladesh, India and New Orleans to forecast the future for fresh water -- including access to and control of the element that is essential to human and all other forms of life on Earth.

We are in a rapidly escalating worldwide fresh water crisis, which many believe will be the cause of a third and utterly devastating world war.
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