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[e-Book] Seduced: Raw Chocolate Recipes to get very excited for

[e-Book] Seduced: Raw Chocolate Recipes to get very excited for


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Please let me introduce to you my most recent and most satisfying project ever:

"Seduced- Raw Chocolate recipes to get very excited for"

And exciting it certainly is! I am finally revealing my secret and best collection of Chocolate recipes in one delicious downloadable eBook!!


  • 22 original mouth watering recipes
  • Colour eBook with gorgeous photography
  • Only the healthiest raw enzyme and nutrient packed ingredients for every recipe
  • No special equipment needed, get started with just a grater and a bowl
  • Simple to follow instructions
  • Top Tips with every recipe
  • A matching tea suggestion for each chocolate, courtesy of Teapigs
  • A Superfoods Glossary

    This ebook by Tanya Alekseeva will give you the tricks of the trade so you can look like you are a professional chocolatier! There are techniques in this recipe book that you would have NO IDEA how to do! For Example, she teaches you how to make Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs with that creamy runny consistency in the middle similar to 'Cadbury's Creme Eggs'. She also teaches you how to make bon bon's with a LIQUID center! In addition to all this, you will learn how to make layered presentation chocolates, chocolate coated macaroons, peanut butter cups, beautifully decorated chocolate dipped strawberries and MUCH MORE!!!

    EACH of these techniques are quite CLEVER and are revealed in this ebook. She uses forks, spoons, knives, toothpicks, non-stick trays and other neat concoctions!

    There is BEAUTIFUL photography inside this ebook and it is quite elegant and stylish.

    There are also TONS of insider tips to help you make these creations and others that you could make on your own in the future.

    This ebook would be IDEAL to help make your Raw Chocolate Easter Treats! :-)
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