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Small Changes, Dramtic Results, by Joan Monarch

I wrote this book to help those who know they need to improve their diet and do not know where to start, particularly those who are approaching there elder years or have already reached such an age, as I have. Of course, it will work for anyone. Where does one start on a journey that seems so long and contains so many variants of diets just begging for one's business. Well, what I have heard consistently over the past decade or more is, "It's what you leave out of your diet, consistently, that will make the greatest change in your health and help lead you to a new "lifestyle". So each of you may choose one item or more that you know you probably should not be eating and start there. Hopefully, my little vignette of my personal experience will assist you along the way. I wish each and every one of you the best! Good luck!...and remember, a Small Change can make a Dramatic Difference!
Joan Monarch
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