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Eating in the Raw:
From supermodel and actress Carol Alt, an inviting guide for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of the latest healthy lifestyle trend: raw food.

Carol Alt is among the vanguard of Americans, as many as a million in number, who have discovered that eating foods in their raw state can keep you feeling and looking great. As Carol Alt has learned and explains here, we evolved eating a primarily raw diet, so our bodies perform optimally with raw food as fuel. By eating foods that have not been chemically altered by heat, the body is able to retain more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients we need.

The raw food approach, however, does not call for an all-or-nothing, extreme lifestyle change. There is a continuum, not only in how much of your diet is raw, but in how much you cook your food. Eating in the Raw shows how you ease into this new way of eating. It also provides 40 recipes that leave no doubt about how delicious the raw food approach can be.

Carol Alt is passionate about the immediate and long-term benefits of a raw food diet, from having more energy to avoiding serious illness. With Eating in the Raw, she uses all of her supermodel charisma to get the ball rolling on the next big dietary movement.
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