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The magnificent ecosystem that nature took millions of years to create is, within the course of one generation, being destroyed by man's hand. Mother earth is talking to us thorough her droughts, famines, fires, and diseases, but few of us are listening. While on occasion we hear public outcry about the ozone depletion, the growing pollution problem, the indiscriminate use of pesticides, the systemic destruction of our forests and ravages of today's 'killer' diseases, few have taken the time to carefully study the problem as a whole.

Empty Harvest puts together a sober picture of how interconnected man is to the earth, and how this connection is being destroyedlink by link. While looking at the better-known man-made disasters such as the 'greenhouse effect,' the indiscriminate use of toxic pesticides, and the wholesale destruction of the world's forests, it clearly focuses on the existing dangers inherent in our agricultural system. It provides startling new information about problems that have been hidden from the general publicthe demineralization of our soil, the declining nutritional values of our food supply, the resulting weakening of our bodies' immune systems, and much more. Empty Harvest is a groundbreaking book that examines just what the total problem represents.

But beyond simply citing impending crises, Empty Harvest offers a wide range of practical solutions that are still available to manlong-term solutions that can mend nature's broken links if applied in time.

About the Authors

Dr. Bernard Jensen is one of America's foremost pioneering nutritionists, Dr. Bernard Jensen began his career in 1929 as a chiropractic physician. He soon turned to the art of nutrition in search of remedies for his own health problems. In his formative years, Dr. Jensen studied under such giants as Dr. Benedict Lust, Dr. John Tilden, Dr. John H. Kellogg, and Dr. V.G. Rocine. Later, he observed firsthand the cultural practices of people in more than fifty-five countries, discovering important links between food and health. In 1955, Dr. Jensen established the Hidden Valley Ranch in Escondido, California as a retreat and learning center dedicated to the healing principles of nature.

Over the years, Dr. Jensen has received a multitude of prestigious awards and honors for his work in the healing arts. These honors include Knighthood in the Order of St. John of Malta, the Dag Hammarskjold Peace Award of Belgium, and an award from Queen Juliana of the Netherlands.

Mark Anderson is a recognized authority on the topics of global ecology and wholistic health. He has spent much of the past eighteen years traveling the world to study and teach clinical nutrition from the soil up. His stimulating and informative lectures on traditional diets, health patterns of native peoples, and agriculture have been featured at seminars and conferences in Africa, Asia, Europe, and India, as well as throughout the United States and Canada. Mark's articles about natural approaches to nutrition and health have been published in scores of professional health journals in the United States.
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