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Enzyme Nutrition, by Edward Howell, Maynard Murray

Enzyme Nutrition, by Edward Howell, Maynard Murray


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Enzyme Nutrition : The Food Enzymes Concept
by Edward Howell, Maynard Murray

Enzymes are fast becoming the BUZZ in alternative medicine, and as the publication of this book shows, in some informed orthodox medicine circles, too.

You might, if you are old enough, remember your dear Mom telling you to "chew your food at least 32 times before you swallow!" She knew what she was talking about, even if she did not fully understand why!

Dr. Edward Howell, in this, his third book on enzymes and health, will explain the "Whys" to you in a way that is both understandable and persuasive. The way we eat and the "foods" that we eat have placed severe strains on the body's ability to absorb the nutrients in them, and the results are poor nutrition and diseases such as "leaky gut". Dr. Howell will lead you through the implications of too few enzymes being absorbed as part of our food; the resultant effects on the immune and other systems in the body and the dietary adaptations to remedy this.

The effects of aging on the natural secretion of enzymes is explored - one problem which emerges is that the pancreas becomes enlarged in an attempt to produce more enzymes, and even then cannot produce enough cellular enzymes to keep the body functioning correctly. The results can be auto-immune diseases, allergies, arthritis, heart problems, diabetes and cancer.
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