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Everybody Loves the Sunshine, 50mL - Living Libations

Everybody Loves the Sunshine, 50mL - Living Libations
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Let the sun shine in!

Nourishment for sun-soaking and sun-soaked skin: this formula uses the rich oils of the desert: jojoba plant, virgin coco-creme, red raspberry, seabuckthorn, schizandra berry, immortelle, carrot, rose otto, cape-chamomile, frankincense, sandalwood, ginger, lavender, turmeric, lemon, palmarosa are a cooling canopy to restore and adore your heavenly body.

So nourishing it is the deep drink your whole body has been thirsting for. This Beautiful formula harmonizes your time in the sun.

Glorious rays of potent life force, the sun is a great activator of sun-fluid hormones. Fear not the sun, for it graces all things green, all life on this lush planet. Consider your body"s offering to the sun. The sun ignites our light. Align your heavenly body for cosmic pollination. Skin is a seed that feeds on vital verdant ingredients. Let this seed breathe in light with natural plant oils and living waters. Oils inside are an essential offering to greet this fire. Solar rays melting melding with our rays, into one.

Try to deny - these rays alight you. Nothing grows away from the resonance of this shining essence. The sun presents revitalizing, illuminating nourishment with wise interaction. Be the glowing green. Rather than being burnt by the sun, be ablaze. Be alive with life. At dawn, noon, and dusk: turn as the galaxy. Like diamonds on a sunlit lake, our cells are dancing particles warmed by this golden orb. Cell by cell, thought by thought, life: let each cell reflect a star.

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