Evie's Kitchen, by Shazzie

Evie's Kitchen, by Shazzie

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"Evie’s Kitchen: Raising an ecstatic child offers an abundance of recipes for raw food, “recipes to love your child to life”. But Evie’s Kitchen is much more than a recipe book. It is a book that gives voice to nature's wisdom on a wide range of subjects, including natural birthing (ecstatic birthing), breastfeeding (ecstatic feeding), attachment parenting (ecstatic parenting), co-sleeping (you get the idea), natural immunity, natural detox, natural first-aid, even the de-institutionalization of education. Yes, it’s true, and we've always known it: schools are institutional daycare." -- Jock Doubleday, writer and natural man

Eagerly awaited by grown ups all over the world. Finally, an easy yet comprehensive guide to raising a child on raw food -- successfully

You love itBook: Evie's Kitchen
Author: Shazzie
Editor: David Smith
Foreword: Jock Doubleday
Type: Paperback, 266 pages, full colour photography throughout
ISBN: 978-0-9543977-3-9
Publisher: Rawcreation Ltd

Reasons to read Evie's Kitchen

  • You are a parent-to-be and want to know the most satisfying way to raise your child
  • You are a vegan and want your child to get all the right nutrition
  • You are raw and want your child to get all the right nutrition
  • You love raw food recipes and know that most of these fully photographed recipes are great for grown ups, too
  • You want your child to be clued-up, switched-on and not part of the old skool mainstream system
  • You are rawcurious and want some recipes to incorporate into your diet or your child's diet
  • You like to read about children being raised with love, divinity and truth, because the newspapers don't cover such articles

    What is Evie's Kitchen?

    Evie's Kitchen by Shazzie is a comprehensive guide to raising a child as naturally as possible in the western world. Shazzie examines the breastfeeding culture, the benefits of raw food, and the nutritional challenges of raising a child as a vegan. With a depth of research never published before in vegan literature, Shazzie works out the supplements needed to raise a child healthy, vegan and raw. Her final conclusions in her journey may startle you!

    There are over 180 full colour photographed recipes in this book, providing many different meal options for the raw child. The recipes start with "first foods" and then progress to foods and meals that children and adults alike will love. In fact, if you don't have a child in your life, you'll love this book just for the recipes! Check out the following, including Russell Brand's hair fell on my plate, My mate, Golden nuggets, Muffins w' stuffin, Golden brown texture like sun and Joe's ecstatic faked beans.

    Table of contents

  • Thank you
  • Dedication
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Contents

    Eating raw

  • Eating naturally
  • What is the raw food diet?
  • How to start a child on raw food
  • Starting a baby on raw foods
  • The big differences
  • Further information

    Nutrition and your child’s future

  • Basic nutritional requirements
  • Why supplement?
  • The ones to watch
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin K
  • DHA and EPA
  • Iron
  • Choline
  • Calcium
  • Further information


  • Reasons to be milky
  • Detoxing before pregnancy and while breastfeeding
  • Nature’s first starter
  • Nature’s first food
  • Nutritionally perfect
  • Ooh, the pain
  • What’s natural?
  • Milk is species-specific
  • Full-term breastfeeding
  • Poooooh!
  • Not sleeping through the night
  • Wet nursing and breastfeeding alternatives
  • Achieving the impossible – milk men
  • Let it all flow
  • After breastmilk
  • Further information

    Natural parenting

  • Ecstatic birthing
  • Vaccinations
  • Evie's first aid kit
  • Co-sleeping
  • Babywearing
  • Conscious communication
  • Free-range children
  • Further information

    Evie breastfeeding aged fourAll about Evie

  • Something in the oven
  • A natural birth?
  • The birthing
  • Our first hours
  • Our first months
  • Such a life change
  • Seeing the light
  • All by ourselves
  • Evie’s first food
  • Our sanctuary
  • A natural child
  • Child care
  • Well-meaning strangers
  • Christmas with a one-year-old
  • A new reality
  • Appreciating my miracle
  • A blissing in disguise
  • She’s a big girl now
  • My breastfeeding career
  • Veggan?
  • Admmm's magic
  • The beginning


  • Alchemy tools
  • Alchemical ingredients
  • Transatlantic translations
  • First foods, 6-12 months
  • Especially for breakfast
  • Soups
  • Savoury main dishes
  • Savoury snacks and sides Salads
  • Dips, dressings, sauces and spreads
  • Sweet things
  • Smoothies, juices, teas and other drinks

    ShazzieThe end bits

  • Bibliography
  • Recipe index

    About Evie

    Evie was born in 2004 and was breastfed on cue up until her fourth birthday. She is not vaccinated, she co-slept until she wanted her own bed, and she wasn't put down at all in the first three months of her life. She never tried any cooked food until she was past two years of age. Then she tried a couple of cooked things but was immediately ill as her body went into action detoxifying the food! Now, at aged four, she eats some cooked wholefoods, but mostly she is still raw. She is well adusted, happy, psychic, super healthy and extremely beautiful. About Shazzie

    Shazzie is the UK's most prolific and popular raw food writer, speaker and chef. She's written four books, two ebooks, published around 500 raw food recipes and is the Managing Director of Detox Your World (Rawcreation Ltd). She is regularly interviewed and quoted in the media on raw food, natural parenting and holistic living. Shazzie lives in Cambridge with her four year old raw daughter Evie. What you say

    Shazzie, god/ess bless you, life bless you, you awesome bright shiney real beacon in the sometimes scary cooked crazy night! I just want to say I love you, I mean it, I wish I could come find you and hug you and say it to your face. I want to tell you that in reading Evies Kitchen I really felt your realness (I mean, you were no longer ‘famous Shazzie’) and bless you soooo much for writing about your different parts of you, I just feel so grateful to you for these things, and for appearing in my inbox when Shazzie Speaks -- you are wonderful, really a bright light but most of all you are YOU, thank you for being so YOU and for spreading love. Your mission to spread Admmm’s way of love is spreading - I promise. Thank you (((( SHazzie )))). May you be covered top to toes in pink bubbles of love and surrounded by seweet smelling winds of love forever and ever (of course you will). PS -- one of myselfs is horrified at the pink fluffiness I just wrote lol she wants to just say you are bloomin awesome, rock on Shazza!!
    -- Laura Merryweather, email

    Thank you, Shazzie, for this much needed publication!
    -- Blaqberry

    Evie's kitchen has finally arrived!!! SOOOO excited!!! Evie looks wonderful, we love the cover, my little one (Niven he is 18 months) calls Evie - Iyia!!! The recipes look great. Thank Shazzie so much for writing the book, it is really just what we need and so good to know someone has been there before us!! All my friends think I'm a bit out there for wanting to continue raw!!! Thank you from the bottom of our big big hearts!!! Take care and if I don't put an order in before Christmas have a wonderful time!!!!! And may all your dreams come true for 2009! All our love.
    -- Jocelyn and Niven, France

    I felt compelled to contact you after receiving Evies Kitchen. As I opened the envelope and held your book I could literally feel the love that has been poured into this project. As I flicked through the pages I felt soft tears spring to my eyes. It is stunning in looks and content. Thankyou for being so authentic, honest and real...I could go on as I really relate to most of what you talk about. I wanted to thankyou for your courage and generosity, and congratulate you on the wonderful parenting you are clearly giving Evie. She looks great and I can imagine her and [my son] having a blast.
    -- Jane, UK

    Wow. I was bleary eyed this morning! having been reading Evies kitchen into the night! Well it has been a powerful full moon energy, and I didnt feel into sleep so readily as usual, so what nicer thing to do!! Dear ones the book is the best ever. The presentation is beautiful, really beautiful. The layout, functionability and ease of reference is just perfect. Lovely intimacy of communion and Shazzies personal touch weaves its way throughout the book. Shazzie shares her 'story' with a depth that touched my heart deeply. I have just rung shazzies mummy and ordered 6 to gift to those I love the bestest. Remember the gifts that move people and touch their inner being are what true gifting is all about. Thankyou Shazzie for your best ever book. And bless you Evie for being the princess you are! Gorgeous piccies of the whole family and some heart feeling pictures of Admmmm too.
    -- Ruth Allen, UK

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