Organic Sprouting Seeds

Fenugreek Sprouting Seeds, 1Lb [Organic]

Fenugreek Sprouting Seeds, 1Lb [Organic]


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Tall, aromatic relative of alfalfa

Organic Fenugreek seeds from the Orient are considered an herb and can also make herb tea that dissolves mucous. Organic Fenugreek seeds Sprouts do the same thing as well as providing other natural enzymes and nutrients.

Handy Pantry carries Organic sprouting fenugreek seeds. The Fenugreek seed can be sprouted. Fenugreek seeds can also be made into a tea or taken in capsule form and are an herb. Organic fenugreek seeds side effects include increased testosterone, increased hair growth and milk production for breast feeding mothers other side effects of organic Fenugreek Seeds include breast enlargement, increased lactation, and weight loss. Man or woman, you can't go wrong with organic fenugreek seeds.

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