FOOD REVOLUTION, the, by John Robbins

FOOD REVOLUTION, the, by John Robbins


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THIS BOOK CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. Find out the truth about popular diets, genetically modified foods, mad cow disease, and the health effects of what you eat. In this long-awaited and provocative book, best-selling author John Robbins exposes the dangers behind many of today's foods and reveals the extraordinary benefits of healthy alternatives. The Food Revolution will show you how to extend your life, increase your vibrancy and vitality, and take a stand for a more compassionate and sustainable world."

"With his brilliant and sharp pen/sword, John Robbins punctures the myths and lie balloons that lay millions of Americans in their graves every year. The Food Revolution will tell you how to save and extend your own life, show you how we can all easily work to reduce suffering on Earth, and give you a vibrant and vital sensation of life and health. This is one of those rare and truly transformational books: buy it, read it, and share it with everybody you know!" Thom Hartmann, author, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight
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