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Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity, by Dr. Edward Howell

Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity, by Dr. Edward Howell


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Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity
by Dr. Edward Howell

Softcover - 220 pages

This new, enlarged edition of the classic book contains over 400 references to scientific literature that contributed to the formulation of Dr. Howell's revolutionary 'Food Enzyme Concept.' Minor corrections and modifications have been made for greater clarity, and a new glossary of scientific terms has been incorporated to facilitate understanding of the contents. Also included in this edition is a more recent interview with the author.


  • Without enzymes, life itself would not be possible.
  • A dearth of enzymes leads to chronic, degenerative disease and premature aging.
  • Enzymes work as the 'labor force' of your body system. All metabolic processes require mediation by specific enzymes.
  • Enzymes, extremely heat labile, are your passports to prolonged youth and increased vitality.
  • The rejuvenating and therapeutic effects of raw food enzymes can be beneficial to your health!
  • An enzyme rich diet of predominantly raw foods can contribute to safe, effective and rapid weight control.
  • Cooked food, even though fortified with vitamins, can lead to disease.
  • The legendary longevity and outstanding health of certain primitive societies can be attributed to their consumption of high-enzyme raw food.
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.