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For Centuries, Reishi Mushroom Has Been regarded As One Of The Greatest Tonic Herbs On Earth, And Has Traditionally Been Used In Chinese Culture To Nurture The Jing, Qi And Shen, Or The Three Treasures. Additionally, Reishi Has Been Known to Assist The Body In Strengthening The Immune System, And Promoting Antiaging.

- Low Temperature Spore Cracking

- Recommended Use -

Take 1 - 3 drops daily.

- Shake well before each use.

- Keep Refrigerated after opening.

- Serving Size - ONE DROP

- Servings per container - approximate- 500

Today, we are offering you one of the most powerful Superfoods in the world...  Reishi Spore Oil!

In a moment, I'm going to give you links to many clinical trials that show how Reishi Spore Oil has the potential to fight against tumors and cancer, boost your immune system like nothing else and so much more. 

A lot of us have heard many of the benefits of the Reishi Mushroom, one of the most popular and powerful Superfoods in the world.  However, we haven't heard much about Reishi Spore Oil, the benefits of which actually leave the simple Reishi Mushroom paling in comparison.  Two of the most powerful constituents of the Reishi Mushroom that have the potential to boost immunity, and fight against cancer and tumors are the triterpenes and the nucleosides.  The Reish Spores have the highest concentration of these constituents.

1000 kg of dried Reishi Mushrooms produces about 1 kg of Spores.  It then takes over 1000 kg of Reishi Spores to produce just a few kilograms of Spore Oil.  If you do the math here, Reishi Spore Oil is probably 100 Xs more effective compared to all the other Reishi Supplements on the market today!

To get high dosages of triterpense from the Reishi, you can either eat bags of Reishi Powders and Reishi Powder Extracts, or you can simply take some drops of this sweet and tasty Reishi Spore Oil right into your mouth.  Furthermore, the spores are where all of the Reishi goodness is located.  The spores are loaded with much more triterpenes and nucleosides, which are the most active constituents of the Reishi Mushroom.

The issue is that most people won't even consider taking Reishi Spore Oil, due to the crazy high cost of it...  Until today...  The most effective Reishi Spore Oil that I know of on the market today is $348 for 90 caps, with a 350:1 concentration! 

We have a new 1oz bottle of Reishi Spore Oil, which contains a 360:1 concentration.  Our 1oz bottle contains about 500 drops of Reishi Spore Oil, and I am sure that it only takes about 2 - 3 drops of this to equal one cap of the $348 formula mentioned above.  If you do the math, you are getting almost 2 - 3 bottles worth of this $348 Reishi Spore Oil Formula.  Our normal price on this 1oz (500 drop) bottle is $147.00Today, we are offering it to you for only $97

We went directly to the source and found the best Cracked-Shell Reishi Spore Oil on the market today, where we use a super critical low temp extraction process. 

I personally believe that there is no better product in the world to help boost our immune systems than this Reishi Spore Oil.  In this day and age, I feel that we need to be loading up on immune-boosting Superfoods like Reishi Mushroom.  In fact, when you look at the clinical study at the link here, it states that, Reishi Spores have a direct inhibitory effect on tumor cell proliferation and its growth cycle, it can reduce the G2 phase; and high doses of Reishi Spores can also make tumor cells apoptosised.

For the first time ever, we now have the opportunity to take high dosages of Reishi Spore Oil at a reasonable cost.  You can literally take 8 drops a day of this precious gold liquid for two months straight if you wish, with just one bottle.  You can also choose take 15 - 16 drops a day for one month!

This Reishi Spore Oil is so powerful that when you simply just hold the bottle in your hand, you can practically feel it.  When I took it for the first time, I loaded up on 12 drops and was flying all day long.  I challenge you to take this Reishi Spore Oil and to keep it under your tongue for as long as you can before swallowing.  I am pretty confident that you will feel it.  I recommend loading up the first time so you can experience it at the levels that I experienced it.  My friend's family was sick and he gave them this Reishi Spore Oil, and he told me that they felt better immediately.

Further below is a list of clinical studies that show how Reishi Spores have the potential to help us with anti-aging, fighting tumors and cancer, boosting our immune system and much more.

Here is a list of only some of the many clinical studies on Reishi Spores and Reishi Spore Oil that I came accross:


Anti Cancer

Immune Boosting

Others (Diabetes, Anti-Aging, Free Radical Protection, Memory, etc.)


And there are so many more clinical studies that show how Reishi Spore Oil can be extremely beneficial.



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