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Mangosteen is known in Thailand as the "Queen of Fruits" due to its delicious sweet white fruit, but it is the bitter tasting reddish-purple rind that the greatest value abides. There is probably a no more well-rounded or overall beneficial herbal dietary supplement than mangosteen rind.

Mangosteen rind has been used for centuries throughout Asia for anti-inflammatory qualities and treatment of skin conditions. Mangosteen rind was dried and ground to be used against internal and external infections. Poultices were used to treat skin conditions and the powder was ingested to help reduce fever. It has also been used traditionally as a tonic to relived fatigue and provide energy. Mangosteen has only recently been introduced to the rest of the world and is being enthusiastically received.

Scientific studies support many of the traditional uses of mangosteen rind. Its antimicrobial actions inhibit the progression of acne. It is an antibacterial agent effective against drug resistant strains of staphylococcus responsible for staph infections. Anti-inflammatory properties are comparable in strength to potent anti-inflammatory drugs with a long list of possible adverse side effects.


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