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100% TruGanic ~ NOT a Supplement ~ This is 100% Food/Grocery!


  • No Brown Rice or Oat Fillers


  • 80% Fruits


  • 20% Alkalizing Superfoods


  • 100 % Hard-Core

    Fruits of The Earth is a high antioxidant, potent combination of nature's most nutritive fruits from around the world. Dried at low temperatures to preserve heat sensitive elements. 80% of the formula is fruit. Fruits are somewhat acid forming, so 20% of the formula is intentionally alkaline forming vegetables (beet juice, wheat grass and barley grass, Nopal Cactus). The ultra-finely ground and highly bio-available whole leaf grasses provide a huge source of nutrition including essential alkalinity and better blood sugar balance. Actual Food Chromium is also added to support healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels. Unlike other Food Type forms of nutrients, this Chromium is 100% organically bound. It is not merely in the form of food, it is Food!

    Suggested Usage: 1-2 tablespoons per day in pure water, juice or a smoothie, or as desired.

    "The quality, therapeutic concentration, and affordability of a nutritional product can, and often does, mean the difference between lethargy and energy, sickness and health, and, quite literally, life and death. I do not want anyone to be tired, sick or dead because they could not obtain or afford the best possible product. If someone does not feel this same way, they should not be in the nutritional product business. I live and breathe this philosophy in both my personal and professional life and constantly strive to evolve HealthForce products and offer them at the best possible values. I would rather die than compromise these principles." -Jameth Sheridan, (Hard-Core Herbal Researcher)

    Ingredients (TruGanic & Wildcrafted): SuperFruits - A Seasonal Blend; Grape Juice, Blueberry Juice, Watermelon Juice, Graviola, Goji Berry, Pomegranate Juice, Acai, Lacuma, Hawthorne Berry, Saw Palmetto Berry, Schizandra Berry, Bilberry Juice, Black Cherry Juice, Acerola Berry Juice, Cranberry Juice, Black Elder Berry, Boysenberry, Cherry Juice, Raspberry Juice, Strawberry Juice, Alkalizing Vegetables, Beet Juice, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Blood Sugar Balance, Actual Food Chromium (containing 100% organically bound Chromium B-Vitamins, Beta-Glucans, and all necessary co-factors).* *Grown on saccharomyces cerevisiae, Nopal Cactus, Probiotics,Massive array of implantable species and Natural Soil Organisms (NSOs). Supports System Support* Anti-Candida, Energetics, Shilajit + Magnetic, Homeopathic, Energetic & Vibrational energies.

    Nutritional Facts

    1 Tablespoon = 1 Serving (7 grams)
    Calories - 19
    Protein - .27 grams
    Carbohydrates - 4.65 grams
    Dietary Fiber - .45 grams
    Fat - .007 grams
    Non- Toxic Iron - .29 mg
    B12 - .005%

    Contains no synthetic or isolated nutrients, pesticides, additives, GM ingredients, sweeteners, electromagnetic radiation, and is not tested on animals.

    100% TruGanic

    TruGanic is a purist, hard-core quality standard significantly beyond Organic. In addition to no pesticides being used anywhere in the growing process, TruGanic includes authentic standards for production, non-toxic cleaning agents and pest control, testing for electromagnetic radiation, processing agents, additives, air quality, and actual verification of purity.
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.