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These are not the typical rock hard Dates that you usually find available at Whole Foods or other health food stores. These fresh Farmers' Market Dates are divinely soft, moist and melt right in your mouth. The farmers hand-picked their finest Dates for us. Dates do not get fresher than this.

These Dates are literally the best raw food sweetener available. I use Dates in a lot of my personal recipes, including my Raw Barbecue Sauce, Cheesecakes, Ice Cream, and so on. All the other sweeteners on the market such as Coconut Sugar and Agave are great alternatives to mainstream sweeteners, yet they aren’t nearly as natural and raw as Dates, which are an intact whole food.

Disclaimer: This variety of Medjool Dates are picked fresh and do not go through any drying or preserving method. They are different to the dried types that you find in most stores today. Therefore, they contain a lot of naturally occurring juices and for this reason, there is NO need to soak or rehydrate them before using. We believe that this method ensures that all the essential nutrition is still present. These juicy dates are best stored in the refrigerator once received.

Here are some fun and interesting facts you might not know about medjool dates:

1.) There are over 200 different varieties of dates.

2.) US grown dates, specifically Californian grown dates are some of the best out there because of the high temperatures, low humidity and irrigation coming from Colorado River. Perfect conditions for growing dates!

3.) Despite the high sugar content in dates, the medjool date has a low glycaemic index.

4.) Dates contain a high amount of fiber and therefore can assist in relieving constipation and regulating bowel movements.

5.) Dates are rich in polyphenols which is an anti-oxidant known for fighting inflammation and disease.

6.) Among other anti-oxidants that dates contain, there is also carotene. Carotene is known for it's eye health boosting properties.

7.) Mineral rich foods like the Medjool dates contain phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. These are essential in maintaining good bone health.

8.) B vitamins such as niacin and folic acid are important for metabolism regulation. Your body goes through so many metabolic processes every day that these vitamins are essential and can also be found in medjool dates.

9.) Dates contain naturally occuring sugars such as fructose, glucose amd sucrose which makes it the perfect energy boosting snack!

10.) Medjool dates contain the essential trace mineral known as copper. Copper is necessary for the absorption of iron within your body.

Bonus fun fact:

- Very few people are known to be allergic to dates!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.