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Green Smoothies Diet: The Natural Program for Extraordinary Health

by: Openshaw-Pay, Robyn
ISBN: 156975702x
Pages: 208pp.
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Year Published: 2009

Everyone knows that a daily diet rich in fruits and vegetables can prevent obesity, diabetes, heart-disease and even some types of cancer. But most people don't eat anywhere near the recommended amount. The step-by-step plan in Green Smoothies RX shows how to transform one's health and avoid an array of preventable diseases by tapping the super nutrition found in leafy greens. The cornerstone of the program is the author's taste-tested method for turning the traditional sugar-filled smoothie into a superb, nutrient-packed drink that has the healing power of greens while retaining the vitamin content and delicious taste of the blended fruit. Green Smoothies RX offers the fastest, easiest way to get one's daily dose—or more—of fruits and vegetables in a quick and pleasing drink. The author presents nutrition facts and scientific evidence so readers can understand how each element of the plan and each ingredient in the smoothies offer tremendous benefits such as dramatically improved skin and hair tone, increased daily energy and a strengthened immune system.
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