[Hard Bounce] Needak Non-Folding Platinum Edition 300lb+

[Hard Bounce] Needak Non-Folding Platinum Edition 300lb+


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Made in USA

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** Please note that Needak Rebounder Spring Covers are now sold separately. They are NOT included with your rebounder purchase.

  • Suitable for professional athletes
  • Recommended for individuals above 300 lbs
  • 600 lbs Maximum weight capacity

    Identical to our folding model in every other way, this rebounder does not fold in half and is primarily for people who do not require increased storage and portability options. The Needak Hard-Bounce Rebounder utilizes stiffer springs to create a harder bounce surface. Primarily for people who weigh 300 pounds or more, to prevent your feet from touching the ground upon landing from a high bounce. If you are a professional athlete you may also prefer the stiffer bounce of the Hard-Bounce Rebounder for a more challenging workout.

    Why Choose Needak?


  • Rebounding to Better Health book
  • Aerobic Resistance Rebounding article
  • Immune System DVD by Albert Carter

    OPTIONAL item sold separately: The Stabilizing Bar attaches to the legs of your rebounder to provide extra support, stability and balance whilst rebounding. The bar has adjustable height and flexes with you as you bounce, to further increase the user's sense of stability. Whilst the stabilizing bar is recommended for elderly individuals, it is suitable for all people of all ages and all rebounding levels.

    Whether you need it to aid your balance whilst rebounding, or to manage those advanced rebounding exercises - the stabilizing bar offers extra stability to promote confidence and security to your rebounding experience.

    The bar disassembles into 4 pieces, so when you don't need it, you can store it away neatly.

    Adjustable to 29", 34", and 41" (jump surface to hand grip). For use with the Needak folding/non-folding rebounder.


    Every Needak rebounder frame is made with heavy-grade steel coupled with thirty-six heavy duty spring mechanisms and custom-made jumbo springs. The polypropylene/nylon rebounder mat and tear/water/oil/sunlight resistant nylon spring cover add to its durability, both cosmetically and actually. The spring covers must be purchased separately.

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    All our rebounders come with a limited lifetime warranty that ensures your purchase is both safe and reliable. For residential use, every Needak rebounder comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty covers the frame for the lifetime of use, along with the frame hinges, platform pins and leg tubes. In addition to this, the mat, mat cleats and spring pins have a five year warranty, and the springs, leg tips, leg springs and safety spring covers come with a two year warranty. For commercial use, the frame and frame hinges have a five year warranty, the mat comes with a two year warranty, and everything else has a one year warranty.


  • Color: Blue
  • Mat: Permatron Hard Bounce
  • Frame: 40 inches in diameter
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Maximum load capacity: 300 lbs
  • Legs: Sturdy Non-Folding Legs OR Folding depending on Model

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    All our rebounders come with a limited lifetime warranty that ensures your purchase is both safe and reliable.

    Strong Components

    From the permatron mat to the soft-bounce springs, tear-proof spring cover, welded hinges and lifetime covered frame, every Needak rebounder is a professional exercise device. Both the folding and non-folding versions are identical in reliability, and this ensures that when you first jump on one, you'll be just as amazed as when you bounce on it years later.

    USA Made

    Quality and component control are an important part of the manufacturing process of anything that requires a great deal of attention to detail for the purpose of reliability and safety. The only rebounder manufacturer in the world that ensures a reliable platform that can carry your bounce for years and years is Needak. All Needak rebounders are US made, lead-free, and use flexible patented spring designs that are superior to rigid alloys that snap without warning as well as bungee cord spring systems that have a short life span.

    Just what is rebounding?

    It's one of the newest forms of personal fitness that is quickly becoming popular for its affordability, effectiveness, and general appeal. Unlike normal trampolines a rebounder is a mini-trampoline that individuals use for personal fitness as well as fun. It has been associated with muscular growth, reducing arthritis pain, detoxification, quick weight loss, cardiovascular health, lymph node flushing and more.


    Rebounding provides a full body workout with minimal cost, space and time. It involves jumping on a rebounder and can extend into many different exercises and exercise routines. Rebounding can be as simple as walking or as vigorous as a fast paced aerobic, high energy workout. Some of the more popular rebounding exercises include:

  • Slow paced jumping
  • Fast paced jumping
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Rebounder-style sprinting
  • Star jumps / jumping jack jumps
  • Cross country ski jumps
  • Knee raise jumps
  • Side twists
  • Scissor jumps
  • Alternating feet jumps
  • High jumps
  • Seated bounce
  • Abdominal crunches
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Step-ups


    In addition to the dynamic uses a rebounder provides, it's a very practical tool. It takes up roughly the same space as a small coffee table, requires very little maintenance, can be folded away or stored in the closet and used by children (with supervision), adults and the elderly. A high-end rebounder like the Needak can be used in apartments without concern of waking neighbors due to low noise, rubber floor leg tips and the impact absorption of both the mat and springs. For those customers that may have balance issues, you can get the optional Needak stabilizing bar which easily attaches to every Needak rebounder.

    You can get a full cardiovascular workout with a Needak rebounder in about twenty minutes without leaving your room. And when you're not using the rebounder, you can easily fold it away (for the foldable versions) or lean it against a wall where it takes about as much floor space as a shoe-rack.


    In terms of time and money, creating a home gym or purchasing gym memberships that often go unused can lead to wasted investments and feelings of frustration. Given that you can jump on a rebounder, run on it, stretch on it, recreate a variety of movements that would otherwise require several pieces of equipment and also create personalized workouts using a minimal amount of space, a rebounder can be a money, time and space saving decision.

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