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Healing Thresholds
Rehmannia spent 8 years writing this book, and has created a novel method of health evaluation through observing 'Thresholds' of health in oneself, and others. In fact, he believes all organisms are beholden to this 'law'; where a dividing line, or Threshold, distinguishes the health of an organism, between states of empowerment and dis-empowerment.

Healing Thresholds follows Rehmannia's development from green juicing therapist to Apprentice and "Teamaster" for the great Taoist Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden, and beyond. It is the first book to discuss both living food and Taoist Chinese herbal philosophy, a combination of disciplines Rehmannia feels is the perfect marriage for total health maintenance.

Topics include;
Getting started as a healer with minimal knowledge.
Making juices from organic dark green leafy vegetables.
The differences between herbs and food.
Historical analysis of the development of Eastern and Western medical models.
Understanding Taoist health philosophy.
Initiating "Benevolent cycles of health".
A discussion of the energies of Yin and Yang.
The 'Three Treasures', a Taoist explanantion of the three basic energies that govern and sustain life. The herbs which Tonify the Three Treasures.
Herbal combinations for enhancing health maintenance.
The five organ systems in Chinese health philosophy, and herbs which tonify them.
Restoration, preservation and maintenance of energy from a Taoist viewpoint.
Protection (Immunity and spiritual).
Herbs that enhance spiritual perception and receptivity.
Sexual power and preservation methods. Herbs for enhancing sexual power and fertility.
Growing old and wise, and staying youthful and strong.
Women's and men's health from a Taoist perspective.

healing Thresholds is a "Modern Journey into Taoist Health Philosophy."

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