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Hand-Held Shower Filter
Sprite brand
with: Replaceable Filter Cartridge

The Hand-Held Shower Filter (HH) combines the ease and convenience of showering with a Hand-Held showerhead and the peace of mind from showering in filtered water. The attractively designed shower handle has an adjustable massage spray showerhead and a reversible filter cartridge in the handle. Included with the HH is a 72" reinforced nylon hose and a swivel mounting bracket. The shower handle raises showerhead height by a full 10", providing for better posture and a healthier shower.

The Hand-Held Cartridge (HHC) is a reversible three-month filter cartridge. It can be easily be reversed and operated in both directions. Periodic reversing of the cartridge not only eliminates channeling (ensuring balanced filtration) but also back-flushes the filter.


Reversible Filter Cartridge (HHC)
Massaging Shower Head
Raises Showerhead by 10"
Hose Length: 72" (1.8 m)
Easy Installation
Swivel Mounting Bracket
Cartridge Life: 3 Months
Exclusive Filtration Media: Chlorgon & KDF
Warranty: 1 Year Limited

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