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Shaman Shack

Ho Sho Wu Powdered Extract 12:1, 80 Grams - Shaman Shack


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Ho Sho Wu Powdered Extract 12:1, 80 Grams - Shaman Shack


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Ho Sho Wu powdered extract 12:1, With 10% Shilajit
This is the most potent Ho Sho Wu powdered extract you will ever encounter, at least with current technology. 12 lbs.of whole herb is extracted down to 1 lb. extract, with absolutely no fillers or hidden bulk additives. Our Ho Sho Wu id processed the traditional way, simmered in black bean sauce, making it a premier Kidney Tonic. A great restoration herb for Jing.

We add 10% pure Shilajit to prevent clumping in the jar. Shilajit is a master super-substance from the Hilalayan mountains, and it's addition amps-up the beneficial powers of the Ho Sho Wu by providing a deep mineral charge. Mix 1/4 teaspoon into hot water for a coffee-like drink, add nut milk and agave for a latte, cacao powder to make a moka drink, or add to smoothies and protein drinks.

Ingredients; Ho Sho Wu powdered extract 12:1 90% Shilajit 10%

80 gram jar bulk powder

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