100% Authentic Hoodia

Hoodia Gordonii, 60 Caps - 100% Pure & 3rd Party Authenticated

Hoodia Gordonii, 60 Caps - 100% Pure & 3rd Party Authenticated
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1 - 2 units. $25.95/unit
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100% Vegan Capsules!

Many of you probably remember the big Hoodia "scam" that took place many years ago. Hoodia came out on to the market as an "appetite suppresant weight loss product". It became a multi-million dollar industry. Unfortunately however, the industry collapsed when greedy companies and wholesalers callously dilluted their Hoodia products to the point where there were actually no active Hoodia ingredients within their products anymore!

The actual growers of the Hoodia Fedex'd me hundreds of tests on all of the Hoodia products on the market. Shockingly, 95% of these Hoodia products had zero active ingredients. There were a couple of reputable companies in these tests that did have active ingredients, but it was only a small fraction of what was contained in the Hoodia product that I sampled. There was only one company that I saw, which had about 40% of the amount of active ingredients compared to the Hoodia I took. Another reputable company had about 5%, and unfortunately, the majority of the tets showed up at 0%.
I feel that this 100% Authentic Hoodia could be an ideal product to help a person transition into a healthier lifestyle, whether they are aiming for a 100% Raw Foods Diet, a Whole Foods Diet, or even if they are simply just trying to eat better. I can see why it was marketed as an appetite suppresant. I had no desire for food all day after I took a few caps, and I worked my buns off. However, when I did finally sit down to eat, I was genuinely hungry and found that I only ate what my body required.

I started taking this 100% Authentic Hoodia on a daily basis for a while, to test it out, and I found that the potency doesn't wear off with time like other stimulants. You simply just get used to that higher amount of energy.

I feel that this 100% Authentic Hoodia is a very sacred cactus-like medicinal plant and shouldn't be toyed with. I tried taking three caps instead of the recommended two and I was flying from morning until night. I'm a pretty sensitive guy due to my extreme Raw Food Diet so I really felt it hardcore. Make sure you drink a lot of water if you take higher dosages like I did. It's actually really good to drink a lot of water anyways when you take this 100% Authentic Hoodia.

In the last few years, Hoodia has been marketed for weight-loss and is becoming increasingly popular amongst people suffering from lack of energy, being overweight and obese. Hoodia is also known to suppress cravings and helps you to loose weight by its ability to suppress appetite. You might ask yourself, "Suppressing my appetite"? Yes, pure, unadulterated Hoodia does work and has changed many people's lives.

Hoodia is a scarce product and governed by many license treaties. Before you want to buy real Hoodia, make sure that you see independent Hoodia analytical reports and a CITIES certificate for the Hoodia import. Beware of companies using fake Hoodia and blanked out details on their Hoodia CITIES certificates. All Hoodia used in our Hoodia capsules are certified by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals to be 100% Pure South African Hoodia. In fact, all our Hoodia products are tested no less than 4 times to ensure that it only contains the purest Hoodia on the market!


· Our Hoodia is an all natural supplement

· Hoodia is derived from a cactus like plant, Hoodia is 100% natural

· Hoodia has been used for generations past by San Hunter Gatherers and other indigenous people of Africa to stave off hunger. Hoodia is still being used today by indigenous people with no side effects.

· This Hoodia product is available in the USA now!

Hoodia is the only active ingredient in our Hoodia!

The only 3rd party authenticated Hoodia product in the world!

What our Hoodia will do for you?

· Our Hoodia will curb your appetite within the first week, after taking 2 Capsules 2-3 times a day*

· Hoodia triggers the hypothalamus in your brain, which suppresses your appetite making you feel full when you're not.

· 100% All Natural Herbal way to achieving weight loss.

· Keep you coming back for more.

What our Hoodia won't do for you!

· Will not give you the shakes like many other appetite suppressants.

· Will not make your heart race and keep you up all night.

· Will not raise your body temperature and make you feel uncomfortable all day.

· Every batch of Hoodia is independently tested and certified to be 100% Pure Hoodia gordonii.

· We carry the Alkemist Seal

· The ONLY USA Hoodia Product That Grows it's own Hoodia in South Africa.

· Quality Guarantee

· Full Transparent Certification

· Proven Track Record

· We have Never Failed a Purity Test

Hoodia Certification

There are four certified documents required to really prove the authenticity of Pure South African Hoodia, which we have
1.) The South African Government issues the first certificate, namely a C.I.T.E.S. Certificate. This certificate is an international agreement between governments to ensure that the harvest operation and trade of wild plants doesn’t threaten their survival. This allows the US inspection to verify that the product is Authentic Hoodia Gordonii.
2.) The second certificate is a USDA registration certificate which is needed to import and trade in Protected Plant Material.
3.) In order to import any Hoodia into the USA, the company needs to be registered with the FDA as a food facility.
4.) Independant Lab reports, by a recognized authority, using the elected testing method, as was developed by AHPA on request by the FDA. HPLC, TLC and MM DPM tests can identify if a product sample is real or fake.

Hoodia is the only active ingredient in our Hoodia!

The only 3rd party authenticated Hoodia product in the world!

Hoodia (pronounced HOO-dee-ah) is a spiny succulent with the appearance of a cactus. Hoodia contains a group of glycosides better known as P57, which according to studies fools the brain into thinking the stomach is full, or in layman's terms - not hungry.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.