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Human Life Its Philosophy and Laws

Human Life Its Philosophy and Laws


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Human Life Its Philosophy and Laws: An Exposition of the Principles and Practices of Orthopathy
by Shelton, Herbert M

Health and Its Conditions and Requirements; The Laws of Life; Living Matter Cures Itself; Is Disease Friend or Foe; Early Orthopathic Ideas of Disease; Acute Disease a Curative Process; Self-Limited Disease; The Rational of Inflammation and Fever; Physiological Compensation; Acute Disease not a Radical Cure; Unity of Disease and Symptoms; Causes of Disease; Germs; Perversions; Feeding; Fasting; Sunshine and Sun-Baths; Physical Exercise; Hygiene of Health; Care of Wounds; Place of Art; Passing of the Plagues; Suppression of Disease and its Results.
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