Maine Coast Seaweed

Irish Moss POWDER, 16oz - Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Irish Moss POWDER, 16oz - Maine Coast Sea Vegetables


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The carrageen extracted from Irish moss is used world wide as a colloidal thickening agent in many foods and cosmetics. If you eat ice cream, you have already eaten this Irish moss extract. In Ireland, this short, bushy, red sea plant was traditionally boiled with milk and sugar to release the gelling agent (carrageen), then cooled to form a pudding, sometimes called Blancmange.

Nutritional Information

Serving Sizes: 100 grams or 2 tbsp (1/8 cup)

Total Calories: 49 calories in 100 g
Serving Weight: 100g ≈ 0.220lb ≈ 3.53oz
Caloric Density: 0.49 calories / gram
Calorie Sources: 90% carbohydrates; 8% proteins; 3% fats
Fats: 0.16 g (1 calorie, 0% by weight)
Carbohydrates: 12.29 g (44 calories, 12% by weight)
Proteins: 1.51 g (4 calories, 2% by weight)
Alcohol: ~
Water: 81.34 g (81% by weight)
Fat Composition: 56% polyunsaturated; 33% saturated; 11% monounsaturated
Trans Fat ~
Dietary Fiber 1.30 g (1% by weight)
Cholesterol: ~
Caffeine: ~
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