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Lavender Essential Oil, 5ml - Living Libations

Lavender Essential Oil, 5ml - Living Libations


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Lavender Essential Oil- 5ml

Just as the spikes of the Lavandula officinalis gratefullyunravel themselves to provide lavender’s natural essence, you will feel the tension trapped in your body melting away with your first inhalation of this staple essential oil. Lavender is one of our most popular essential oils because it works. Our pure, organic lavender oil is steam distilled to draw out its natural, calming essence and heavenly scent. Drop a few beads in your bath to melt the day away, or dab some oil on your neck and wrists to ward off mosquitoes. Rub a generous amount of our lavender oil over sore muscles or sunburned skin, or apply to the chest to open the airways and enhance breath flow.

The use of lavender as a massage oil dates back to Ancient Egypt. Kings were buried with jars filled with lavender, while queens doused themselves in the perfume of the spiky plant. The Ancient Greeks anointed their feet and breasts with lavender oil, so the intoxicating scent would heal body, mind and heart. Lords and ladies of the Medieval English court cured the migraines of nobility with a drop of lavender in their tea, and the French have been fighting infections with lavender oil since the 16th century. Doctors in Germany have incorporated lavender into anti-anxiety medications (1), but you do not need a prescription. A few drops of lavender oil in a steaming hot bath will whisk you away to Cloud Nine faster than you can say “Ahhhhh.”“There's a few things I've learned in life: always throw salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for good luck, and fall in love whenever you can.”

– Practical Magic “…over 1,200 components have been identified in Lavender essential oil. It is intuitively understandable that these layers upon layers of physiological activity of all the components in lavender generate an overall quality, which is distinctly that of Lavender… and Lavender’s unrivaled ability to heal burns.”

– The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils, Kurt Schnaubelt Traditional, mental, physical, emotional benefits: Mental benefits: decreased anxiety, increased relaxation Physical benefits: migraine and headache cure, antiseptic, minor burn remedy, muscle and joint pain relief, insect repellant Emotional benefits: increased sense of well-being, happiness and peacefulness

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