LifeFood Recipe Book, by Annie Padden Jubb and David Jubb


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LifeFood Recipe Book, by Annie Padden Jubb and David Jubb

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LifeFood Recipe Book
Living on Life Force
by Annie Padden Jubb and David Jubb

Softcover - 276 pages

LifeFood Recipe Book, in addition to providing over 180 delicious recipes, introduces a nutritional lifestyle advocating food that has intact life force, meaning it retains its life force field and grows wild in nature. The LifeFood diet include fruits and vegetables prepared raw or not heated above 118 F to preserve their enzymes the life force of food. The LifeFood philosophy has exploded onto the scene in recent years as one of the preferred diets in Hollywood and other health-conscious circles. David Jubb, Ph.D., and Annie Jubb, creators of the LifeFood diet, offer suggestions for cleansing, fasting, and bowel health, information about vitamins, minerals, healthy bacteria, and beauty solutions, and an outline for a 14-day nutritional fast that completely cleanses the body in order to start the LifeFood diet healthy and toxin-free. Their research on the American food industry and standard American diet will inspire the motivation to adopt the healthful solution the LifeFood diet provides.
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