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Liposomal Nano-CBD Spray 100mg, 1oz (3% Alcohol) - Peppermint Flavor

Liposomal Nano-CBD Spray 100mg, 1oz (3% Alcohol) - Peppermint Flavor
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Bottle is 1 ounce, 100mg

Ever since we came out with our CBD Oil, we've had numerous testimonials, as it's been helping hundreds of people. If for some reason our CBD oil didn't work for you, it could be for multiple reasons. For example, the average American eats 13 - 24 tablespoons of refined sugar daily. If they get migraines, there is a possibility that CBD Oil won't do much for them as the cause of their migraine could very well be the refined sugar.

Other reasons that a person might not be reaping the benefits of our CBD oil is maybe because they have absorption issues, due to an improperly functioning liver, leaky gut or just lack of beneficial bacteria.

In order to help the people with these types of absorption issues, we have created an extremely potent absorbable liposomal nano-CBD oil spray.

No other liposomal or nano CBD product even compares to what we are offering to you today. I always take a one-time high dosage of any new product we get to see how effective it is... And let me tell you... I won’t be doing that ever again with this extremely absorbable nano-CBD spray. lol... All I can say is that it is extremely effective, and here is why...

Practically all companies follow the industry standard on obtaining liposomal particle sized CBD through immersion and dispersion techniques.

The issue with this method is that the kinetic energy is lost over time resulting in the particles returning back to their original form. Even if taken before the particles return to their original form, the particles are simply hidden in the water as extremely small particles.

Our patent pending proprietary process is unique and superior, because of the thermo and kinetic balances we obtain in our CBD solution...

Our solution is focused on the protein adsorption of the CBD components, proving to perfectly bind the CBD to the CB1 and CB2 receptors respectively. We have studied the molecular factors creating the perfect equilibrium and kinetic control of protein absorption to create a new molecule, like a full enzyme, for the perfect transportation to and activation of the receptors.

This is unheard of and unbelievable!... and... Nobody else has access to this technology...

Essentially we are in a completely different arena compared to all other CBD water soluble technology. We do use liposomes as a carrier to protect the CBD through the GI tract, however, the process we use to make the Nano-CBD breaks down the particles beyond the typical liposomal technologies available... Into nano particles...

This is probably why I was floored after taking a high dosage into my mouth... eek...

This product is not 100% Raw like our regular CBD oil, because the only way to preserve this type of nano-sized product is to use either alcohol or other junk fillers like polysorbate 60. We obviously chose alcohol, however, the alcohol is simply made from 100% CBD enhanced hemp stalks and leaves! Basically, we use the hemp stalks that are used to make the CBD oil to make the alcohol. No other company does this, and I have literally looked everywhere. Besides the alcohol, this is a 100% raw product, as it consists of just two other ingredients... our 100% Raw CBD oil and filtered water...

When we produce this 250mg product, the CBD has to go through multiple incubation processes, which takes over a week long.

It costs us three times more to make this 'one of a kind' nano-sized CBD spray, but we are just charging only 50% more, and you will absorb 5 - 10x's more if you have absorption issues. Furthermore, we are offering this product 'At-Cost' until the end of the month...

I suggest that everyone tries this liposomal nano-CBD spray at least once, especially if you have absorption issues. You never know, you may get better results from it if your liver or gut isn't functioning 100%. Furthermore, we are unsure how much longer we’ll be able to carry our CBD products, because the farm bill, which protects our Kentucky pilot program expires September 30th. We are hopeful that it will get renewed.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.