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Live Foods: Nature's Perfect System of Human Nutrition

Live Foods: Nature's Perfect System of Human Nutrition


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by George & Doris Fathman

Health can be regained and longevity assured through following the instructions contained in this remarkable book!

Full information on how to replace today's "hit and miss" diet with an intelligent selection of health-restoring natural fruits and green leaf, starch-less vegetables. "Live Foods" contains tried and tested menus, as well as priceless advice for the health seeker willing to accept and practice faithfully the instructions as taught by the authors.

You will find the health information to be credible and knowledgeable. We unhesitatingly recommend "Live Foods" for its logic and good common sense. Start enjoying complete freedom from ills, aches and pains of all kinds this easy way!

Better Safeguard your Health - it is your greatest Treasure in this world!

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