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I've never seen a product so noticeably help so many people with such immediate results before. Just from taking these B-12 Patches, people have reported having higher energy levels, more focus and a more balanced-feeling nervous system, with a sense of calmness of mind and clarity.

I'm a pretty sensitive guy and I can usually feel very clearly what different products do to my body. Angela on the other hand rarely feels the effect of products as strongly as I do. Yet she felt these B-12 patches big time. She had put two on and it was almost too intense for her, but she loved it at the same time, because she knew she was getting loads of B-12 into her system. We even cut a patch in half and put one on Oria's back. I honestly feel if people want to save money, they could easily cut the patches in half to spread them out over time. These patches are extremely powerful!

After I put one patch on, I felt a huge energy rush. It almost felt like the energy rose to the top portion of my head. Then Oria grabbed our patches and started peeling them off for fun. Therefore, I ended up putting another one on and Angela ended up with three. I literally had to focus to manage the energy, but I love that sort of thing!

I feel that these Living Nutritionals B-12 patches that use the purest pharmacuetical-grade methylcobalamin human-active B-12 available, are the best B-12 supplement on the market, no doubt. If you want to make sure that your B-12 levels are up, this is the way to do it. I am totally convinced that the other brand has very little active ingredients in it as claimed. We're in the process of trying to set up a lab test to research this and I will let you know the results if we can get this done.

Our new and improved B-12 patches have 1200 mcg's of 100% Active Methylcobalamin Vitamin B-12, rather than our previously promoted patches which have only 1000 mcg's.

1 - 2 month supply

VEGAN PRODUCT: The B-12 is Methylcobalamin. It is a non animal source material.

Click the video below to see the power of these B-12 Patches!

Beware: Careful of fraud B-12 supplements.

1 Year Shelf Life

Beware of Fraud B-12 Supplements

I didn't want to get into all of this, but it's just eating me alive inside... In the next few months I will also reveal some of the things that are going on in the Super Foods Industry.

For these B-12 patches, we went directly to the source to find the highest quality Methylcobalamin B-12 patches possible. When you open our packet of B-12 patches, it's a completely different experience compared to all other brands.

We are using the purest pharmaceutical grade Methylcobalamin Human Active B-12 available today.

When you first open our foil pack of our new B-12 patches, the smell will be a very strong hit. You are simply smelling this Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin B-12. I opened the other brand of patches, and I had to put it directly to touching my nose to even get a very very faint scent.

When you peel our new B-12 patches away from the paper, you can sense that they are saturated with Methylcobalamin and have more of a wet appearance. As you can see in the picture to the right, the sticky part of our patches are a dark dark red, which saturates the patch. This is the color high pure pharmaceutical grade methylcobalamin is supposed to be. After witnessing all of this and knowing exactly what is on our patches, I don't see how these other patches would even come close to having 1000 mcg's of this type of pure pharmaceutical grade B-12. I honestly think that their patches have very little in it. Our patches are guaranteed to absorb more effectively than anything else on the market today.

These new patches rock!

If anyone has ever felt anything from other patches in the past, these patches will be making you zoom zoom zoom like never before.

 B-12 Patches are one of the most popular items on our website.  The reason I feel that B-12 patches are so popular is because when a person has a B-12 deficiency and then takes B-12 supplements, they receive such remarkable immediate improvements to their health.  Without even knowing, countless people are living daily with a B-12 deficiency, which can result in low energy levels, a foggy mind, constant lagging in their nervous system and so much more.

One of our most popular items is our B-12 Patches. Health advocates all around the world are throwing their B-12 supplements in the trash and replacing them with these Human Active B-12 Patches. Cyanocobalamin is a non-human active B-12 which is actually bound to a toxic Cyan!de molecule and is used in many of the B-12 supplements on the market. Unfortunately, in some people, new research now shows that Cyanocobalamin can actually rob them of their B-12 methyl groups, which can leave their B-12 levels even worse. Methylcobalamin is a human active B-12, which is found in nature and has the potential to raise our B-12 levels like nothing else. We have found that besides taking B-12 shots, these B-12 patches are the most effective B-12 on the market for helping maintain healthy B-12 levels.


  • 8 Patches Per Box, 1-2 Month Supply


  • 1200 mcg of Superior, Methylcobalamin (Active) B-12 and 400mcg Folic Acid Per Patch


  • Unique Transdermal Technology, No Pills, No Painful Shots, No Sublinguals


  • Easy to use


  • Maximum Absorbtion

    For years we've seen celebrities and other high-profile figures get expensive, prescription-only B-12 shots. With our new B-12 Energy Patch we make it simple and affordable. Just place the patch behind the ear once or twice a week and you're done. Use it weekly to eliminating the sluggishness, fatigue and many other health problems that have been plaguing you.

    Unknown Deficiency

    Many Americans unknowingly suffer from a B-12 deficiency. However, because of the way B-12 is stored in the body, blood tests rarely reveal a deficiency.

    B-12 may help with:


  • Low energy/Fatigue


  • Sexual problems


  • Muscle pain


  • Irritability


  • Equilibrium instability


  • Hearing issues


  • Vision problems


  • Emotional/mood problems


    B12 FAQs

    We have had no negative issues with the B-12 Patch and heat. The manufacturer is located in Arizona and the product is routinely exposed to excessive heat during the summer months. Packages are picked up from their warehouse by the carrier, and they can sit in the truck for an extended period without loss to viability.

    Q: Will the B12 patch interfere with the other B-complex vitamins I’m taking?

    A: The B-12 Patch should not interfere.

    Q: I have shorter hair and putting patch behind ear is not the best, it will be too visible. Please give me 2 other options where can I put it.

    A: Inside arm near the elbow or inside the wrist.

    Q: One patch I can use for 2 -3 days, which means in one week I would need 2 patches. But the directions on the package say 1 per week. Which is true?

    A: The suggested use on the package is for the general population. Those on a raw food diet may need additional B-12 supplementation.

    Q: Can I shower and swim with the patch on? Does it lose some potency if it gets wet?

    A: Yes, you can shower with the patch on with no adverse effect on the potency.

    Q: Is it better to wear the patch in the open or can it be covered with a shirt?

    A: The patch does not need to be in open air.

    Q: Also I was wondering if a child that just turned 2 would benefit from the patch or would a much smaller dose be better? What is the appropriate dose of B-12 for a 2 year old?

    A: We do not recommend use for children unless you have confirmed with your doctor that your child is B-12 deficient.
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.