Living on Live Food, by Alissa Cohen

Living on Live Food, by Alissa Cohen

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Living on Live Food
by Alissa Cohen

Softcover - 600 pages

Living on Live Food teaches you what a raw and living food diet is and how to get started immediately! But that's not all, this motivational book also covers such topics as: addiction to cooked foods, changing your thought process, being social while staying healthy, enzymes, acid-alkaline balance, strategies and techniques, matters beyond food... plus so much more.

290 Recipes and detailed 4-week plan complete with menu, shopping lists and meal preparation instructions.

15 compelling real-life success stories with amazing before and after photographs.

"You will see results! Not within years, or months, or even weeks, but within days! Does this sound like I'm promising a lot? I am! But I'm not exaggerating. You'll believe me almost from the instant you start eating this way. It's a miracle just waiting to happen to you."
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