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Living Vegan For Dummies, by Alexandra Jamieson

Living Vegan For Dummies, by Alexandra Jamieson


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The fun and easy way to live a vegan lifestyle The more your know about how your food is produced and processed, and how this affects your health, the more appealing it becomes to follow a happier and healthier pathway through life by eating a vegan diet. Whether you're trying to figure out if a vegan diet is right for you or are looking for guidance to make the switch, Living Vegan For Dummies has it covered!

♥ "Ve-gan" at the beginning get the lowdown on vegan living and eating and advice on how quickly (or slowly) you can make the transition

♥ Planting the seeds of change find out how to build a healthy vegan diet to make sure you get all the protein and other nutrients you need

♥ Sticking to your guns get vegan-focused cooking and shopping tips, advice on how to keep the peace with meat eaters in your home, and meal-planning tips to help you stay true to your goals

♥ Tasting is believing get delicious and easy-to-follow vegan recipes for breakfast, sides, lighter meals and main courses, and even desserts

♥ Going beyond the food step out of the kitchen and learn how you can embrace the whole vegan lifestyle by shopping for animal-free clothing and footwear, vegan health and beauty aids, and household products

♥ Vegan living out in the real world discover how you can walk the vegan walk at hotels, restaurants, and just about any social situation.

Open the book and find: How a plant-based diet is better for you Strategies for selectitransition plan for your lifestyle Real facts about protein and other nutrients 40 tasty recipes that even non-vegans will enjoy Tips on how to stock your pantry with vegan-friendly foods Quick and healthy vegan snacks Excellent "mock" meats Advice on checking food labels Guidance on educating family, friends, and your community.
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