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1962 Greatest story ever told of the greatest mystery in the world. Readers of liberal, free humanist and related literature are looking for light, but their findings leave unanswered the puzzling problems in their minds. Where is the light which reveals the secret of man, of life, of death? All questions have the answers, and these must have. Sixty years ago, Prof. Hotema was looking for that light and in his search graduated in law, naturopathy, orthopathy and chiropractic. But be did not find the answers which he sought, for those who wrote the books did not have the answers. As a last resort, he turned to nature and was amazed by his findings. Life is mans greatest treasure on earth, and how to prolong it is the greatest lesson any one can learn. Knowledge based upon the laws of creation is the path to longevity. Hotema took that course, and has produced perhaps the greatest and most sensible work ever written on longevity.
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