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Discover Technologies That Make You Live Longer... Become Pain-Free... Disease-Free... and Even Reverse Aging!

Here's what you'll receive from over 16 hours of longevity immersion:

Discover a radical healing technology that normalizes the body's autonomic nervous system ... balances brain function ... eases muscle tension ... neutralizes stress ... and maximizes your skin conductance response (thereby helping to alleviate skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, seborrhea, etc.) -- in 2 seconds or less!

David Wolfe and earthing expert, Clint Ober also demonstrate how to create an electron shield around your body that protects you against electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from computers, appliances, power lines, home wiring, etc. It's easier than you think!

David Wolfe reveals the surprising longevity protocols used by Russian scientists to increase longevity!

How to make your own delicious and super fast LONGEVITY RECIPE containing some of the most exotic ingredients ever.

How to improve blood-circulation and reduce inflammation and pain in ONE MINUTE or less!

The foods you need to avoid that cause brain and gut inflammation.

The #1 ingredient for a healthy brain.

The powerful herb that will heal fatigued adrenals.

An amazing ani-inflammatory herb you most likely ALREADY have in your cupboard!

Nadine Artemis reveals how to replenish the dentin in your teeth.

How to care for your teeth so they last forever

Expert trainer TR Goodman reveals why... If you use "traditional training"... you will get HORRIBLE results.

How to train the body for strength and endurance... and why most people do exercises that create weakness and pain.

Paul Stamets shares the SIMPLE thing we can ALL do to help us to adjust to foreign climates.

The incredible value of OLD growth forests and what they can mean for the longevity and health of our species.

The POWERFUL mushrooms that will hyper-accumulate heavy and toxic metals.

David also shares his favorite tools for eliminating dangerous EMFs.

Truth Calkins shares the simple exercise that effortlessly reinvigorates his body.

The powerful herb that George Lamoureux recommends everyone take EVERY day.

Donna Gates shares the fastest cleansing regimine that everyone should do at least once per year.

Why what is going on inside of us is generally more important than our environment... and what this means for building powerful immunity and health. Discover the #1 antioxidant food that will protect you from solar radiation (sun damage)...

The secret mineral that will help you REVERSE gray hair!

The (most dangerous) common household item that is destroying your health.... and you MUST get rid of asap.

The #1 ingredient that makes baby formula deadly... and what you can do about it.

The best common sea vegetable that will help heal thyroid issues.

And so much more!

This DVD was filmed at the March 2010 Longevity Conference.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.