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It's the SUMMER...chocolate melts. We recommend purchasing an ice pack to go around your chocolate to help ensure the consistency of your goodies. Unfortunately, during the warmer months, the Raw World cannot guarantee that your melt-ables will not melt on their way to you.

The Maca Chunk Bar is 13% Maca/62% Cacao

This creation is designed to treat your taste buds to a new dimension. Side effects may include moaning aloud in delight and/or the inability to stop smiling =D

"These maca bars are incredible. I've been waiting for a maca chocolate bar we can bring in, and these are it! The maca chunk infuses the taste buds with the wonderfulness that is maca. Maca is the primary flavor here, and the cacao is the avenue by which we can transport it into the glorious depths of our essence. Incredible! The maca love bar fills both loves for maca and chocolate. The maca is present but less prevalent allowing for one to enjoy the chocolate as well. A near perfect marriage of the two!" - Zack

Ingredients: 100% Raw and Organic: Fair Trade Ecuadorian Cacao, Coconut Palm Sugar, Wildcrafted Maca Root, Cacao Nibs, Mesquite, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Sea Salt & LOVE

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.