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Lymph Tonic Elixir 5mL - Living Libations

Lymph Tonic Elixir 5mL - Living Libations


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We launched this new immune boosting tonic at the Longevity Now Conference. Our Lymph system responds favorably to the gentle circulation generating effects of essential oils. One of the best things for the Lymph system is dry brushing (especially in the colder seasons), to activate dry brushing to its fullest potential add one drop of Lymph Tonic to the palm of your hand and glide the brush across your palm to apply the essence to each bristle, then begin dry brushing your entire body always in the direction toward the heart. Dry Brushing this way stimulates the endocrine, circulation, immune and detoxifying systems.

This tonic is for generating Lymphatic flow. Pour 1-2 drops on the palm of your hand; glide a dry brush across your palm, then use for dry brushing the body. This tonic may also be used in massages, body oils and baths. Circulating oils of: cypress, rosemary, laurel, eucalyptus and yarrow.
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