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Morning Jing is a fantastic tasting super nutritious blend of powdered superfoods and herbs. Designed to get your day started with deep invigoration while replenishing the kidney 'Jing'. Black foods are thought by the Chinese to tonify the Kidney meridian, thereby helping restore youth and deep resillience. Black bean, black rice and black sesame provide a complete amino acid profile with important omega oils for body flexibility, cellular respiration and neuro-support. Then we add in a generous amount of Maca (gelatinized) and some Ho Sho Wu, the famed longevity herb from China- called 'old black hair', as it is said to restore pigment (it has for me!). We also add a bit of bee pollen and coconut palm sugar. Morning Jing is a super-tasty and unique nutritional product, sure to change the landscape of protein powders. Ingredients: Black bean, Black sesame, Black rice, Palm sugar, Maca, Ho Sho Wu, Bee pollen

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