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Multi Vitamin (Organic), 60 Tabs - The Synergy Company

Multi Vitamin (Organic), 60 Tabs - The Synergy Company


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Taking good care of yourself doesn't have to be complicated. Two tablets daily of our organic whole food multi delivers the foundational nutrients essential for your ongoing health and well-being.

Organic Multi Vitamin is specially formulated to provide an important foundation of organic, whole food vitamin and mineral support for adults of all ages. Designed for those wanting a simple formula, just 2 tablets daily offers a complete and balanced blend of essential nutrients 200% of your RDA for vitamins and 100% for minerals. What's more, each tablet not only contains vitamins and minerals, but also an assortment of natural enzymes, flavonoids, proteins, and other co-factors that coexist in living whole food: a perfectly complete package of nutrients naturally created to support your optimal well-being.

With an effective, organic, whole food multi as easy as this, there is no excuse for not attending to your foundational health needs.

You require 13 essential vitamins & a range of minerals daily. Multi Vitamin provides these in an easy two per day formula.

Once upon a time, we could obtain these essential nutrients from our daily diets, but today's highly transported and processed foods are, quite simply, nutrient deficient. Two tablets daily of Organic Multi Vitamin helps to bridge these nutritional dietary gaps and provides insurance that your body's daily need for high quality, easily assimilated vitamins and minerals is being met. Even with just one tablet daily you would be getting 100% of your RDA for all 13 essential vitamins. Now that's easy!

With vitamins, it's all about how much your body can absorb. Your body fully absorbs Multi Vitamin as a balanced, whole food.

Unlike synthetic mega-dose supplements that can literally end up going down the drain or, even worse, causing potential harm, our Organic Multi Vitamin delivers perfectly balanced and safe potencies that are readily absorbed. Brimming with co-factors, co-enzymes, and phytonutrients that work together synergistically, our multi is a complex food that deeply nourishes the cells of your body so that you can feel vibrant, energetic and well. Avoid the waste and possible risks associated with synthetic isolates. Your body deserves the real thing.

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