Vitamin B12 & D3 Patches

Vitamin B12 1600 mcg Energy Patches, 16 count

Vitamin B12 1600 mcg Energy Patches, 16 count
  • 1 - 2 units - $22.95
    $22.95 / unit
  • 3 - 11 units - $19.98
    $19.98 / unit
  • 12 - 999 units - $16.66
    $16.66 / unit


Quantity Price
1 - 2 units. $22.95/unit
3 - 11 units. $19.98/unit
> 12 units. $16.66/unit
*New & Improved B-12 Patches!* If you thought our previous version of B12 patches were good lol... just wait until you try our new version!

We've raised the amount of B12 (as methylcobolamin) from 1200mcg to 1600mcg and we took out the folic acid (due to popular request).

I can't get over how much I love these new and improved B12 patches! When we were reformulating them, I had such a good feeling about it that I became giddy inside... and when I put one on for the first time... Wow!... it blew my expectations by far.
I knew that I was good, but not that good lol...

{right-floating-image}Anyways... These B12 patches are by far the most popular product on our website. With the previous version of our B12 patches, most people felt it when taking them... (Hence, one of the reasons it's our most popular selling product...) However, some people didn't feel it... Regardless, you are getting a nice dosage of human active B12 directly into your bloodstream. With these new and improved B12 patches, I don't see how anyone would not be able to feel it lol! They are the most potent and powerful B12 product on the market without a doubt.

We have completely sold out of the old version of B12 patches in both sizes. Therefore, if you order now you will definitely get the new version.

There were two woman who had a mutation to where they couldn't methylate B-12 properly. One was stuck in bed with no energy until this other friend of hers found these patches and put one on her. Immediately she perked up and was cleaning the house for the rest of the day. I interviewed her in this video, which you can view by clicking here.

I've never seen a product so noticeably help so many people with such immediate results before. Just from taking these B-12 Patches, people have reported having higher energy levels, more focus and a more balanced-feeling nervous system, with a sense of calmness of mind and clarity.

I'm a pretty sensitive guy and I can usually feel very clearly what different products do to my body. Angela on the other hand rarely feels the effect of products as strongly as I do. Yet she felt these B-12 patches big time. She had put two on and it was almost too intense for her, but she loved it at the same time, because she knew she was getting loads of B-12 into her system. We even cut a patch in half and put one on Oria's back. I honestly feel if people want to save money, they could easily cut the patches in half to spread them out over time. These patches are extremely powerful!

After I put one patch on, I felt a huge energy rush. It almost felt like the energy rose to the top portion of my head. Then Oria grabbed our patches and started peeling them off for fun. Therefore, I ended up putting another one on and Angela ended up with three. I literally had to focus to manage the energy, but I love that sort of thing!

I feel that these Living Nutritionals B-12 patches that use the purest pharmacuetical-grade methylcobalamin human-active B-12 available, are the best B-12 supplement on the market, no doubt. If you want to make sure that your B-12 levels are up, this is the way to do it. I am totally convinced that the other brand has very little active ingredients in it as claimed. We're in the process of trying to set up a lab test to research this and I will let you know the results if we can get this done.

Our new and improved B-12 patches have 1600 mcg's of 100% Active Methylcobalamin Vitamin B-12, rather than our previously promoted patches which have only 1000 mcg's.

1 - 2 month supply

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