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Crunchy heirloom cacao nibs add a little more magnesium and dark chocolate depth to each sweet bite of creamy white chocolate.

Chocolita uses Heirloom Arriba Nacional cacao that is organic and fair-trade certified. These bars use coconut palm sugar, which is a low-glecemic sweetener full of nutrients and will not create the insulin spike that comes with eating most sugar.

From Farm, through processing center, and then in our own facility, our chocolate is kept under 118 degrees in order to maintain all the nutrient benefits that cacao has to offer. It is rich in iron, is the highest plant source of magnesium on the planet, and is one of the most complex foods as well, being constituted of over 100 chemical constituents (including anadamide, the bliss molecule).

All bars are stone-ground and tempered which means the ingredients are all combined together to create an integral and unique flavor for each. The tempering gives them that snap when you break them. This sets them apart from most raw chocolate on the market today, as most have more than one fat, and so cannot truly temper.

Having made raw chocolate for almost a decade, my desire for a raw white low-glycemic chocolate drove me to formulate this line of bars. I have a drive for purity and eco-consciousness that permeates every aspect of my chocolate making. That being said, these bars use only the purest ingredients on the market.

They are all raw and vegan.

The Nib bar ingredients are:

Cacao Butter* Lucuma* Coconut Sugar* Cacao Nibs* Vanilla* Surthrival Pine Pollen Premier Research Labs Pink Salt (A combination of Hawaiian Pink and Himalayan Pink) *Organic certified ingredients

The bars have dimensions of 3″ by 3″ and 1/4″ thickness. They are 35 grams each

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