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Nik Schmitt Fermenting Crock Pots - 20 Liter
This Gairtopf Fermentation Crock Pot from Nik Schmitt is great for home pickling sauerkraut and vegetables. These stoneware crocks are made from casting liquid ceramic in molds. This makes the Nik Schmitt Fermentation crocks lighter weight then traditional molded fermenting crocks but still gives you the same great fermenting results and health benefits.

Nik Schmitt Pickling Crock Features:

  • 20 Liter fermentation crock pot
  • Make natural nutrition-packed sauerkraut and pickled vegetables!
  • Stoneware fermentation crock pots
  • Lactic acid fermentation are being credited with correcting bodily imbalances
  • Natural lactic acid fermentation is one of the oldest and healthiest means of food preservation
  • Remains neutral during the fermentation process
  • Lead-free ceramic glaze coating
  • Come with the fermenting crock, lid, and two semi-circle stone weights
  • Made in Germany

Nik Schmitt Pickling Crock Dimensions: Height: 17" / Diameter: 14.25"
Nik Schmitt Pickling Crock Shipping Weight: 36 lbs

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