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Ojio Raw Organic Lucuma Powder comes from the temperate Peruvian highlands, where it is stone-ground from the dried fruit of the Lucuma Tree. This fine sifted powder has been a staple of both royal and rural Peruvian cooking for centuries. Fruits grown in the Peruvian highlands are considered to be of superior flavor, and are culturally revered.

Made from the exotic Peruvian fruit once known as "Gold of the Incas", the Lucuma has particularly dry flesh which possesses a unique flavor of maple and sweet potato. Lucuma Powder is a source of carbohydrates, fiber and adds nutrition to almost anything.


  • Grown in the temperate Peruvian highlands


  • Stone ground into a fine powder

    In Peru, Lucuma Powder is a favorite flavor of ice cream. You can also blend Lucuma into smoothies and hot cereals, or use as a flour to make pastries and pies. For an extra special treat, make sure to combine it with some raw cacao nibs, vanilla bean, and coconut butter. Blend into a creamy delight.

    *As a result of changing seasons and crops, you may notice a difference or variation in the color, size, texture, taste, etc. of this product. We thank you for your kind understanding of these variances. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. We highly value your input, as it helps us to identify how we can better serve you in the future. Thank YOU! -The Raw Food World Team
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