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Omega FoodPro Premier Food Processor model FP660 . We have tested it and it is a well made, nicely packaged unit with a very nice storage container to hold all of the parts not in use. It includes 11 cup and 4 cup bowls which is unique to food processors, as well as a 5 year warranty, which is also unusual to this segment. We expect it to compete very well in the food processor industry and will be a welcome addition for Omega brand loyalists.

The following details were provided by the manufacturer:

Eat well, drink well and live well with Omega.
Reward yourself with the live nutrients of fresh fruits and vegetables found in tasty, nutritious foods — just the way nature meant them to be. By regularly including fresh fruits and vegetables in your cooking, you’ll not only feel healthier, you’ll be healthier. If you and your family want to experience increased energy, glowing skin and hair, healthy teeth and gums, strong bones and an alert mind, eat well, drink well and live well with Omega.

Reduced Preparation Time
Quickly slice, mince, purée, chop, shred and knead dough!

Maximized Versatility
11 cup work bowl and 4 cup mini-chopper bowl with stainless steel 4 surface slicing and shredding discs.

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean
Stylish brushed-steel look base, smooth wipe clean pad and dishwasher safe parts make cleanup easy.

Stainless steel two-sided shredding and slicing disks with both 2mm and 4mm capabilities; Large 11 cup work bowl handles the biggest of batches; Compact 4 cup mini-chopper is convenient for everyday tasks.

Rugged, stainless steel construction withstands continuous processing of heavy batches like bread and cookie dough. Powerful, ultra-quiet, direct drive induction motor provides smooth, efficient performance and long life.

Wide feed tube for processing most items with little preparation. Narrow plunger insert for consistent slicing of slender items. Emulsion dripper built into plunger for precision addition of oils to make the most delicate sauces.

Components include:


  • Large 11 cup work bowl


  • Large chopping/mixing stainless steel blade


  • Stainless steel dough blade


  • Compact 4 cup mini-chopper


  • Compact chopping/mixing stainless steel blade


  • Wide plunger with narrow plunger Insert


  • 2mm/4mm stainless steel shredding disc


  • 2mm/4mm stainless steel slicing disc


  • Disc adapter


  • Custom spatula


  • Storage container


  • Instruction booklet


  • WARRANTY: 5 Years


  • UL Approved four Household use

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