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Organic Pistachio Butter, 8oz - Living Tree Community


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Organic Pistachio Butter, 8oz - Living Tree Community


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Ingredients: Organic Pistachios, Organic Sesame Seeds, Living Tree Organic Black Sesame Oil, Organic Honey and a dash of Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt.

Why not incorporate Alive, Organic pistachios into your diet? You may experience a myriad of heath benefits. After all, the pistachio is the most nutrient dense of all nuts! Studies show that eating just 2.4 oz (14 kernels) of pistachios each day could significantly lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol up to 4.9%! The pistachio is full of anti-oxidants, containing more cholesterol-lowering phytosterols than a cup of green tea! Additionally, these little green powerhouses have a high potency of gamma-tocopherol, otherwise known as vitamin E.

Our pistachio butter is made from pistachios grown by California family farmers in the rich, alluvial soil of the wondrously fertile Central Valley.


Pistachios also provide high quantities of essential nutrients: thiamin, Vitamin B6, potassium, and lutein (anti-oxidant for eye health). In just one ounce, Pistachios supply 12% of the daily recommended amount of fiber, among the highest fiber provider of all nuts!

In addition to these benefits, the pistachio is a low fat and low calorie food, compared to other nuts, containing just 3 calories each. Furthermore, studies show that “two ounces per day could be incorporated into dietary strategies... without significant changes in body mass index”.

This delightful and fresh nut will nourish your body and your taste buds!

Beginning with organic pistachios we have added our unique Living Tree  Alive Black Sesame Oil and sesame seeds to help with spreadability. We have also added alive Brazilian Honey and a dash of Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt as natural preservatives.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.