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These Almonds are TRULY Raw. Additionally, these almonds are from THIS YEARS Crop and are as fresh as can be. Lastly, these almonds are all graded as well and got the highest us #1 grading you can get. These are Italian supreme really raw almonds, which are sproutable.

Processed in a gluten-free facility.

Raw Food Pioneer, Dr. Norman Walker says; Eating nuts is our (100% Raw Food Eater’s) greatest source of concentrated proteins and fats. Almonds, when fresh, raw unsalted, are the most alkaline of all nuts, being particularly valuable as nourishment for the bone structure of the body, and especially for stengthening the enamel of the teeth.

He goes on to say that almonds which have been pasteurized are harmful on account of the change which takes place in the fat under these conditions. The reaction on the liver and gall bladder is then detrimental and may sooner or later interfere with the complete and proper function of these organs.

*As a result of changing seasons and crops, you may notice a difference or variation in the color, size, texture, taste, etc. of this product. We thank you for your kind understanding of these variances. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. We highly value your input, as it helps us to identify how we can better serve you in the future. Thank YOU! -The Raw Food World Team

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