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OH! I am SO EXCITED to bring you guys Polynesian Pili Nuts!!! These are TRULY an awesome nut that has risen to my favorite nut on the planet next to the almond. These Pili Nuts are SO FRESH that they will literally MELT in your mouth! Bringing these Pili Nuts to the Raw Foods market is HUGE, because Raw Foodies everywhere, will get to ENHANCE their elixirs, smoothies and other magical creations to a new level like never before. We've been making smoothies and shakes with them, which gives it such a richness, creamyness, smoothness, buttery flavor and it has such a delicate flavor. These Pili Nuts are TRULY a delicacy!

I personally love to chew and eat the skin off and then eat the creamy wet center. It practically tastes like Cheese! I am excited to make a nut butter out of it for the first time and I am confident that it will be very easy due to its high oil content.

Pili nuts have the HIGHEST oil content compared to any other nut known on the planet. It is also the nut with the highest amount of Magnesium and Vitamin E known to man!!! There are many other bio-available minerals and other key nutrients that Pili Nuts are rich in, including... calcium, phosphorus, potassium, B Vitamins, Omega Fatty Acids and protein. It actually contains all 8 essential amino acids.

The Pili Nut is an exotic delicious kernel from an evergreen self sustainable tree that is grown on islands where there is tropical or subtropical climate. Raw, the taste may be compared to a combination of Pecan, Pine, Brazil, and Walnut. Roasted it has a nutty flavor and a crispy texture. Nutritionally, Pil nuts are high in calcium, phosphorus, fats, proteins and Vitamin B's. Pili Nuts are delicious combined with cacao, coconut milk, vanilla in fresh smoothies, ice creams, chocolate pastry, and cereal. They can be processed into rich nut milks, creams, pesto & pate's, added to salads, dressings, rice and pickles.

STORE IN THE REFRIGERATOR for a longer shelf life. The nuts are organically grown & harvested , there good for about a year if you keep them at a steady temp 34 -38%. Otherwise they are best consumed within a few months, though refrigerated they will have a self life around a year.

Should I soak overnight? If a person is used to soaking other dark skinned nuts it may be a good idea, though I eat them soaked & peeled and unpeeled & unsoaked at times. I can't tell if it's any better really.

Our pili nuts come from a small co-op where most of the farm work is done by hand. Income remains in the community.

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