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Organic Raw Maca Powder, 1 LB Grade AAA+

Organic Raw Maca Powder, 1 LB Grade AAA+
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Hi Everyone! You're not going to believe this! Straight from our Maca fields, which are located at 13,000 foot elevation in a National Reserve in Peru, we've started to separate out all of the Maca colors and we've created some new revolutionary products that have never been seen before, especially at this high grade of quality! If you are interested in ordering, click the link below:

I'm going to share with you today ideas for targeting certain health concerns by using one of the many different varieties of Maca that we now carry. As you will see in all of the clinical trials further below, the different varieties of Maca each offer different benefits, including the potential to improve memory and learning, noticeably increase bone density markers, increase antidepressant activity, reduce anxiety, enhance female fertility, balance hormone levels, increase daily sperm production and sperm motility (which is the ability of sperm to move properly towards an egg), reduce sperm damage, relieve symptoms of menopausal discomfort (hot flushes and night sweating in particular), improve prostate, increase libido, improve erectile dysfunction, and more!

Remember, our Maca is the only Maca I know of in the world that is grown in a Pristine National Reserve, fed by untouched spring water, on land that is left to rest in rotation for at least five years after each harvesting and then the Maca is processed in clean, high altitude facilities, not in a factory in a polluted city like many others.

Many people probably don't realize what we've stumbled upon here...

Firstly, as you can verify in the clinical study at the link here, the planting site is the major determining factor with regards to metabolite variations in Maca. Primary metabolites are key in the life-force of the plant, while most of the secondary metabolites are the chemical compounds that are responsible for securing the positive results in the clinical studies that you will see later in this article. Therefore, I feel that where and how your Maca is grown is the number one factor to consider above all else, to make sure you are getting the most potent Maca possible, with the best adaptogenic properties.

As you can see in our Maca Video here, we were trying to pull this wild Maca out from the ground and it's extremely difficult. In fact, we cut out a lot of footage of us trying to get this super-strong Maca out of the ground, because it took a really long time to pull it out. It is well recognized through the "Doctrine of Signatures" (a philosophy shared by herbalists) that when a plant is difficult to pull out of the ground and uproot like this, it is extremely strong and has resilience – properties which are then said to be transferred to your body if you consume that plant.

Our Maca is completely wild and full of life-force. This is why our Maca tastes the best and practically burns in your mouth with life-force. I challenge anyone to take our Maca, put it up against any other Maca, test it in a lab for nutrition, metabolite variations, adaptogenic properties, or whatever else you can think of and I bet that our Maca will consistently top all others.

Before I answer the biggest question of the year that I've been getting in regards to Maca, which is, "What's the difference between Gelatinized Maca and Raw Maca and which is better?", let's discuss the difference between all of the colors of Maca and how Black Maca is truly a rare gem.

Although you may have heard of various colors of Maca, such as purple, pink, red, violet, white, yellow, etc, there are mainly said to be three colors of Maca, which are Red, Black and Regular (Yellow). For example, purple, violet, pink and red are all really just different shades of Red Maca, white and yellow Maca are really just the "Regular" Maca, and so on.

Some people ask: Why does the color of my Red or Black Maca Powder look almost the same as the Regular Maca Powder? The reason is that the Black and Red Maca are only black and red on the outside skin of the Maca and the inside part is almost the same color as Regular Maca. However, the nutrient breakdown and healing properties of each color of Maca are slightly different, as you can see in many of the clinical studies further below.

Which Maca is for you?

There are many different options depending on what you want to target! Here are some quick examples, which I found at the clinical study here. Black Maca has been shown to have better effects on sperm production than Yellow Maca, which has only moderate effects. Red Maca, however, has no effect at all on sperm production. On the other hand, Red Maca has been shown to reduce prostate size in rats, whereas Yellow Maca has shown moderate effects here and Black Maca has not shown any effects. So you can see how each variety of Maca can have different uses and applications.

Now we have the ability to utilize every color of Maca either in its Raw or Gelatinized Powder state! If I had to choose the most beneficial and strongest color of Maca overall, for personal use or for anyone else, I would definitely choose the Black Maca! Many websites state that Black Maca is the leader in terms of health benefits and when you see the clinical studies below, you'll see what I'm talking about. Wikipedia states that Black Maca is considered the strongest for energy and stamina-promoting properties.

Black Maca is extremely rare, because it comprises only about 6% of the entire Maca crop. Some of the clinical studies clearly state that while all varieties of Maca have a certain benefit, Black Maca consistently appears to have more beneficial effects. There is also something about the taste of Black Maca that I love. It almost tastes roasted, even when it's a totally raw product.

All of the clinical studies that I'm about to share with you below on Black Maca were done with some form of cooked Maca, such as an extract (please note that Gelatinized Maca can also be considered a "cooked extract").

What I love the most is that clinical studies have shown that Black Maca has beneficial effects on learning and memory. I feel it is always valuable to be able to improve our thinking and focus in any way.

In the clinical study at the link below, all three colors of Maca were tested in relation to learning and depression in mice. (While I do not support or approve of the use of animals in testing, I do find the findings below interesting and want to share the results for this reason.) Black Maca appeared to have more beneficial effects on latent learning in the mice compared to Red and Yellow Maca; meanwhile, all varieties of Maca showed antidepressant activity:

In the clinical study below, black maca improved experimental memory impairment induced by ovariectomy, due in part, by its antioxidant and Ache inhibitory activities.

Here are two other studies that show Black Maca has the potential to improve our memory and learning skills:

It is also shown in the studies below that Black Maca has the potential to increase daily sperm production and sperm motility, which is the ability of sperm to move properly towards an egg. Furthermore, in the first study below, it shows that Black Maca affects sperm count as early as one day after beginning to take it and this study also states Black Maca to be more effective with this issue than regular Yellow Maca.

In the clinical study below, it also states that Black Maca helped reduce glucose levels in diabetic mice both when taken on its own and in conjunction with Yacon.

Black Maca and the other colors of Maca have the potential to dramatically help with bone density, as you can see in the clinical studies below. One thing that people usually don't realize is that Maca is loaded with calcium. This high level of calcium combined with Maca's hormone balancing properties mean Maca has the potential to be a bone density powerhouse. Components present in Maca are also said in clinical studies to normalize the functioning of the endocrine system and bring about balance in all of the hormone levels secreted by these glands, which has the potential to play a big role in promoting bone health.

After all of the research I did on Maca, the special color varieties of Gelatinized Maca would be the number one products I would recommend to a person for overall bone health. We'll explain why Gelatinized Maca is better for this a bit later in this article. If I had to choose just one Maca product specifically for bone density, I would choose the Gelatinized Black Maca. Or even better, if funds permit, Black Gelatinized Maca alternated with Regular Gelatinized Maca would, I feel, be the ultimate combination. Our Regular Gelatinized Maca is a mixture of all three color varieties, just as they are naturally grown in the crop. Usually, each Maca crop contains at most 20% Red and Black Maca combined and about 80% Yellow Maca. Therefore, if you can use both the single-color Black Gelatinized Maca and the Regular Gelatinized Maca together, you are getting the best of all worlds.

In the clinical study at the link below, Red and Black Maca were both shown to have protective effects on bone architecture in ovariectomized rats, while Yellow Maca wasn't as effective.

On the other hand, in the clinical study at the link below, Gelatinized "Yellow" Maca was shown to noticeably increase bone density markers, balance hormone levels and relieve symptoms of menopausal discomfort, (hot flushes and night sweating in particular). Imagine what Gelatinized Black Maca can do in these circumstances then!

In the clinical study at the link below, Maca Extract improved bone mass and restored the trabecular network in lumbar vertebrae in ovariectomized rats. This finding suggests that Maca is potentially useful for postmenopausal osteoporosis, which occurs in women as a result of estrogen deficiency.

To boost this bone density Superfood even more, I'd take it with Yacon Syrup, which has the potential to have a synergistic effect with the Maca on bone density. On the Dr. Oz website here, it states that Yacon consumption also appears to increase absorption of dietary minerals, and may make calcium more bioavailable.

At the clinical study here, it shows that Yacon has the potential to help increase fracture strength and increase the concentration of minerals in bones, an important factor in the prevention of diseases such as osteoporosis. I feel that the combination of these three Superfoods (Gelatinized Black Maca, Gelatinized Maca, and Yacon Syrup) is the ideal way to go for bone density concerns.

All the varieties of Maca are incredible, yet it seems clear to me that Black Maca is the richest in health benefits of all Maca colors. I only found five clinical studies on Red Maca and all of them show that Red Maca is incredible for male prostate health, such as reducing the size of the prostate, whereas the studies for Black Maca cover a vast range of topics. Here are these clinical studies below on Red Maca and Prostate Health:

There are a lot of clinical studies on Yellow Maca, which include showing that Maca has the potential to help with sperm production and protection, enhancing female fertility, balancing hormones, anxiety and depression, erectile dysfunction, libido, and UV skin protection. A quarter of all the Yellow Maca clinical studies I came across were on enhancing sperm, yet the Black Maca clinical studies above have already proven that Black Maca is much more effective for this purpose. I would guess in fact that Black Maca might be more effective than Yellow for many of these functions – it just hasn't been tested for all these things yet.

So now, the big question of the year is:

Raw Maca vs. (Cooked) Gelatinized Maca!

Which is better?!

This is something you'll have to decide for yourself, because there are benefits to each, as I will explain.

The one thing on this topic that blew me away the most was this; if you take a look at the clinical study here, they tested raw Maca vs cooked Maca in albino mice and their descendants. The cooked Maca group showed the best curve. The serum values of total proteins and albumin were statistically superior for the mice group eating cooked Maca than that of the raw Maca. The cooked Maca group (Group 3) had the highest average birth weight and fastest average growth rate of all the three groups. This was even more pronounced in the second generation.

That seems pretty big to me!

So, what is Gelatinized Maca?

To make Gelatinized Maca, the Maca is heated and put under pressure in a special process that removes all the starch content. Once these long chains of starches have been cut out, the Maca becomes much more easily digestible and nutrient-dense. However, the heat destroys the enzymes in the Maca. It has been stated that the glucosinolates are also destroyed in the Gelatinized Maca, which can be important beneficial nutrients, but are also said on Wikipedia to be toxic in high doses.

Glucosinolates are secondary metabolites, however, the Gelatinized Maca preserves most of the other key secondary metabolites (chemical compounds) in the Maca root, which are the compounds responsible for Maca's special hormone balancing effects and all of the other healing effects stated in all of the clinical trials. Furthermore, it's stated here that cooking the Maca seems to increase active metabolites. It has also been asserted that the key secondary metabolites responsible for many of Maca's adaptogenic properties are more bioavailable in Gelatinized Maca.

One of my favorite benefits of Gelatinized Maca is that it is more easily digestable. Whenever I take Raw Maca, I get gas, and I don't experience that with Gelatinized Maca at all. I have a negative blood type and it is said that people with negative blood types have more difficulty digesting starches. However, I do feel more life-force when I eat the Raw Maca versus the Gelatinized Maca. It has also been suggested that some of the constituents present in Raw Maca are slightly toxic, in that they inhibit digestion and assimilation, which may explain why the clinical study above had better results with cooked Maca.

Between Raw and Gelatinized Maca, which one do I recommend?


  • If a person is interested in balancing their hormones, I feel that the more concentrated, nutrient-dense Gelatinized Maca is the way to go. You are getting a higher density of the chemical compounds that balance hormones, and they are potentially more bioavailable.
  • If a person is interested in supporting their bone density levels, I feel that taking the more concentrated, nutrient-dense Black and Regular (Yellow) Gelatinized Maca, along with Yacon Syrup is the way to go, as I stated earlier in this article.
  • If you have digestive issues in general or if you don't usually eat Raw Maca due to digestive issues, Gelatinized Maca is the way to go.
  • If you want to make sure that you are getting the full nutrient spectrum of the Maca root, including the enzymes and glucosinolates, I would choose the Raw Maca.
  • If you want to get the full life-force of the Maca along with the resilient 'Doctrine of Signature' properties that are said to be transferred to the human body, then the Raw Maca is the way to go. This can be considered pretty important to many people, including myself.
  • If you are interested in building muscle mass, I recommend Raw Maca, because it has the starch and sugars intact.
  • If you are interested in having higher protein levels in your body from taking Maca or increasing the birth weight and the growth rate of your child, then I recommend Gelatinized Maca, due to the results in the "Raw vs. Cooked" clinical study above.
  • If you are interested in targeting any of the health conditions that Maca is said to help with in the clinical studies mentioned in this article, I would first choose to work with the Gelatinized form of whichever color of Maca is recommended and then if you have the funds, maybe also add in the raw form of that Maca, in moderate quantities, to get the best of both worlds. Remember that all of the clinical studies above used Gelatinized or Cooked Maca. Gelatinized Maca enables us to take high doses of these Maca color varieties without digestive issues and also helps us avoid high doses of glucosinolates, which are said to be toxic on Wikipedia here. You can literally load up on Gelatinized Maca, without any ill effects. Furthermore, Gelatinized Maca is more nutritionally dense with higher concentrations of the adaptogenic properties that aid in helping with the conditions in the clinical studies above, because the starch (dead space) is taken out. Therefore, teaspoon for teaspoon, Gelatinized Maca has more of the properties required to deal with these conditions.

What do I choose for myself?

I like to do both!

Due to the slight toxicity of some of the properties in Maca, I like to take Raw Maca for no more than five days in a row and then take a break. I like to take Gelatinized Maca more regularly, because it has zero uncomfortable effects on my digestive system, unlike what I usually experience with Raw Maca.

All in all, I feel both forms of Maca can be extremely beneficial depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Each person will sway more to one or the other for different reasons. We now offer all three colors of maca (Yellow, Red, & Black) in both the Raw and Gelatinized forms. As shown in the clinical studies above, you can use these Macas to effectively target many different health concerns with great results!

If you are interested in ordering:


  • Yellow Maca
  • Red Maca
  • Black Maca
  • Gelatinized Yellow Maca
  • Gelatinized Red Maca
  • Gelatinized Black Maca

In a previous newsletter, I mentioned that I was going to reveal some of the things going on in the Superfoods industry that I'm not too happy about...

In the video below I reveal some of these things and we show the processing of our Maca, from beginning to end. Angela and I also do a taste test between our wild Maca that is grown at 13,000 foot elevation in a National Reserve in Peru and is fed only by untouched spring water, and another well-known, reputable company's Maca that many people have probably bought before. The results were profound!

Check out this eye-opening video below:

Furthermore, our Maca is processed in pristine areas, as seen in this video. I've seen so many Superfood processing facilities that are located right in polluted cities where unclean water is used during the processing, such as for cleaning the Maca.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Premium Peruvian Cream Maca

Vegan/Raw/Gluten-Free/Air Dried below 110°/Organic

All of our maca products are grown organically on small family farms in pristine conditions at over 13,000 foot elevation, on the slopes of the Peruvian Andes.

Our maca fields are located in a untouched National Reserve and are only fed by fresh spring water. These are the fields in the picture to the right. All of those green patches on the ground are the wild green tops of the maca plants.

The picture below is a close up of the wild maca from the picture above. If you look at the greens, you can see the vibrancy of them. They're completely wild. They just look like greens that grow in cold weather, which indeed was the case when we were standing there. Look at how small the maca is and you can imagine how nutrient dense it is.

I'm not going to get too deep into all this now, but in the future I'll be revealing things about many other sources of superfood products. We are always offered a lower rate on superfoods if we are willing to take a lower grade of product. We always choose the top AAA+ grade no matter what the cost is. We are a family-run business and we don't have partners or investors to appease financially. Therefore, we are able to pay more for superfoods and still be competitive with the pricing for the inferior products on the market. Going directly to Peru and developing relationships with all of the brokers, I witnessed exactly what other well-known companies are selecting for their superfood products. This drives me nuts and we'll probably be discussing this more in the future soon. I'm the kind of guy who always wants the best nutrition, foods and products that I can get my hands on and it drives me crazy that poor quality products are being passed off as 'excellent quality' in the name of profit margins. It is my mission in life to bring you the top quality superfoods on the planet at the best prices!

Maca is an Andean superfood esteemed by the Inca as a source of vitality and power. Maca is a potent whole food source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Maca is loaded with bioavailable minerals and plant sterols and is a powerful source of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iodine.

Our Premium Maca Powder is grown organically on small family farms in pristine conditions at over 13,000ft elevation, in the slopes of the Peruvian Andes. Our Maca is hand harvested then air dried at under 110° and ground into a fine, bioavailable powder

Our mission is to bring you and your family the most mineral-rich, nutrient-dense, bio-available, organic superfoods on Earth!
We carefully hand select our superfoods from family farms in traditional communities, where small-scale, sustainable practices yield products of superior quality. Thank you for choosing to support our work!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.